Sunday, July 29, 2018

I'll Be Seeing You...

Dear Blog Reader,
It's been nine years ago that I began this blog...on July 29, 2009 to be exact.

The day I began this blog, while working at an office job that became highly damaging to my mental wellbeing, was the day I began to reclaim myself. This blog, and the community that evolved around it, was a HUGE comfort to me.

When I learned I would be laid off, as the whole department was being closed, I rallied members of my creative blog community to help me get through those last days, as they sent gifts of support and encouragement and of course gifts of CREATIVITY.

Then, as I embarked on a new path as a solo-preneur, things changed...many of my fellow bloggers also changed during this time, and many stopped blogging, as I too found myself flagging in my usual blog routine.

New forms of social media began to pop up and I found new platforms that were inspiring, where creative folks were thriving, where I could share my creative adventures in a fun and easy way, which caused my blog to be neglected.

I felt badly about the neglect, neglect of a beloved space where I inspired others and was, in turn, inspired by many.

Attempts to continue blogging were made, usually with writing challenges, but those attempts were short lived.

I've been struggling with how to maintain this blog and it's recently been brought to my attention that maybe it's time for me bid farewell to this faithful friend who has been through so much with me...

There are yet more changes taking place as I move forward in my creative biz, and I've come to realize that it is now time for me to put this dear old friend to sleep.

I have archived all the old posts so they are no longer public posts. There will be the original welcome blog post and this letter of closing available for public reading.

I am keeping the other pages on this blog open since they provide information on ways you can find me and what I'm doing creatively. My sidebar has also been altered to reflect the change in this blog, old post highlights have been removed, as well as my Bloglovin link. There is really no sense in following me on Bloglovin if I am no longer posting here!

I do plan to create a proper website in the future and will make an announcement here when the website is created and complete. I may then completely close down this blog, but that is a decision I will make when the time comes.

Thank you all SO MUCH for being here on my creative journey with me! The journey will continue, indeed it HAS been continuing in new ways, so here are the places you can find me sharing my creative adventures:

Follow me on Instagram where I share my creative adventures every day, including projects in process

Follow me on Facebook where I have started to create 'blog-like' posts, including photos and rambling thoughts

You can find photos and albums of my many creative projects, including recent art books I've created, at my Flickr account

I'm selling many of my hand-bound books and original design coloring pages, among other creative goods, in my Etsy shop

You can find me on Twitter as well

I will soon be launching an online classroom at Teachable and you are very welcome to sign-up for email notifications of that by signing up for my email list HERE

Many MANY thanks to all the followers of my blog! It has been a wonderful experience to 'meet' so many wonderfully kind people through the internet, and even to meet in person with many of you. I look forward to seeing you again in all the new places.

Creatively Yours,
The Creative Beast

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hello and Welcome everyone!
I am The Creative Beast and my intent is to share my craft projects-in-process, which are many since I dabble in several forms of creativity: sewing, knitting, collage art and gift-making, doll-making, soft toys, jewelry, dance, storytelling and performance art. I will share some of my favorite sources of inspiration, favorite quotes to feed the soul, favorite books for reading or crafting, favorite movies, and favorite blogs - WHEW! it takes a LOT to feed a Creative Beast!

I plan on changing my banner photo on occasion while I take some time to create a permanent one. Please feel free to comment on the photos you like - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I also plan to have follow-along projects to get your creative juices flowing so I hope you will continue to visit my site and join in the fun!
The Creative Beast