The Creative Beast Playground!

Hello and welcome to my new online school, The Creative Beast Playground!

This page will share information about each new ecourse as they are launched, along with links for each individual ecourse.

Here is some basic info to know:

You will have two options of enrollment -  enroll in the main school, or enroll in the ecourse.

I have learned it's helpful to enroll in the main classroom before signing up for the individual classes offered, it is easier to access all your courses in your account profile by enrolling in the school first.

Use THIS LINK to take you to my main school so you can enroll in the main school.

You will see the courses I have available for creative learning and play, and you are welcome to choose any course that pulls at your creative heart!

To see what courses I have available, scroll down to see my ecourses. I look forward to seeing you at The Playground!

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 My first creative e-course in my series I call 'The Primers'!

Learn about Sewing is a beginner sewing course, aimed mostly at beginners who know very little about sewing or the tools used for sewing.

I provide lessons about the various tools of sewing, from needles and pins to threads and scissors and other basic tools used.

I provide a lesson in the building block stitch of all sewing, the running stitch.

I will discuss sewing machines briefly.

AS OF NOVEMBER 2018 - Other lessons of hand stitches will be added, along with other bonus material, so the price will increase in 2019.

Right now, the cost of this ecourse is just $10!

When you enroll for this ecourse, you will get the lessons mentioned above and the bonus lessons will be provided to you at no extra cost.

Use THIS LINK to take you directly to the ecourse to enroll today!

Advanced lessons will be coming in 2019 so stay tuned, as enrolled students will have the opportunity to enroll in future courses for limited time reduced rates.

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Coming Soon: My Creative Heart - Creative Workshop of book art and personal discovery!

Coming Soon: Learn About Book Binding

Coming Soon: Learn about Book Arts

Coming Soon: Basic Art Techniques

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