About Me

I am a mixed media, multi-passionate artist who is deeply connected to my Creative Instinct.

It is my mission to help adults reconnect and rebuild their Creative Instincts so they can access more Joy in their lives through Creative Play.

I demonstrate how fun and easy creativity is by demystifying the 'mystery' that has been built around Creativity, when it is actually surrounding us every day.

I provide simple techniques and ask thoughtful questions to help others see how they can access their own innate Creative Instincts.

I provide monthly online gatherings of Creative Play and I create e-courses to help you reconnect to your own artful spirit.

I share my creative adventures almost daily to inspire others to join the adventure!

I believe there is wonderful, marvelous magic in our world and in our Creativity.

I am Monica The Creative Beast.

Here are the many adventures in Creativity I've explored in my life, practically since birth! They include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

collage art mixed media art - knitting - sewing - fashion design - pattern drafting - costumes - jewelry - rag dolls & soft toys - art journals - book binding - drawing - painting - dancing - writing - performance art  - photography

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“Art education is important not because it turns out artists or art products, but because it seems to turn out better people.” - Abraham Maslow

  Me, surrounded by colorful yarn - I love COLOR!