About Me

I have long observed that many people in our society suffer from the loss of their CREATIVE INSTINCT, due to this core human impulse being crushed in the process of growing from childhood into adulthood. But it is an innate human instinct that is necessary to Joy-full living and it is my personal mission to help adults reconnect to their innate creative drive and help them explore their own form of creative expression.

One way I fulfill my mission is through my free coloring workshop, which provides stress relief in a calm and restorative environment. Other ways I fulfill my mission is through various creative workshops that cultivate the creative impulse through transformative art activities. I facilitate my workshops at local venues, in my home studio and occasionally as group party events.

And just who IS The Creative Beast, you wonder..? 

A mixed media, multi-passionate artist who is deeply connected to my Creative Impulse. It is my mission to help adults reconnect to their creative impulse so they can access more Joy in their lives. Creativity is the 'True North' that guides my path.

  Me, surrounded by colorful yarn - I love COLOR!

Living a life of Art-FULL Creativity

is helping people reconnect to their creative impulse, which I do by sharing and encouraging creativity with others in a heartfelt and meaningful manner, because:

It is simpler than you think...

It brings you great personal fulfillment and JOY...

I just cannot imagine a life without ART, CREATIVITY and JOYFUL PLAY in it...can YOU?

Here are the many explorations and experiments I've been 'conducting', practically since birth. These many creative channels make me an expert in Creative Exploration! They include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

collage art - mixed media art - knitting - sewing - fashion design - pattern drafting - costumes - jewelry - rag dolls & soft toys - art journals - book binding - drawing - painting - dancing - writing - performance art 

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You can find me online sharing peeks into my creative process at the following places:

And you can view the many projects I've created through the years at my Flickr account:

Feel free to contact me by email with any questions you might have:

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“Art education is important not because it turns out artists or art products, but because it seems to turn out better people.” - Abraham Maslov