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The COG - An Online Space for Connecting to our Creative Instincts

Hello and Welcome! 

NOTE: The COG will be changing for 2020 - please come back to this page to see what changes are taking place or scroll down to sign up below and receive the announcement through email. I look forward to seeing you in a future gathering!

Hello and welcome to my Creative Online Gathering information page!

I've been hosting my Creative Online Gatherings, (AKA The COG!) as a way for us creatives to gather in community together online, so we can encourage and support each other in Creative Play.

You might be wondering, "What happens during these gatherings?"

Sometimes we color a fun coloring page together
Sometimes we work on completing our unfinished creative projects together
Sometimes we do a play-along project together, provided by yours truly...
Sometimes I provide an art lesson and we use it to make something FUN

There might be classical music playing in the background as we engage in creative play, and I like to use the last 15 minutes of our time together to celebrate our creativity with a favorite beverage and snack as we share what we've made - it's like having a 'virtual tea party' together!

There's room for everyone at the Gathering!

The COG is hosted one Sunday a month at 12pm PST, using the ZOOM online meeting platform. Details are always sent one day and one hour (or more) in advance, sometimes I send early notice 5 days in advance if you need time to gather the supplies I suggest for a particular lesson.

Replays are now available for anyone signed up to The COG email list. They are sent out the following week on Friday so you have the weekend to watch and play along at your own pace. The replays are taken down on Mondays by 12pm PST, giving you 3 days for creative play.

The COG is a bit of a 'laboratory' of creative lessons for what will become my online e-courses. I have many creativity e-course ideas and the COG-ster's will have the opportunity to get advance peeks at upcoming courses by being 'beta test students'.

Of course, you will have the chance to register for any courses created from the live sessions at a discount by being part of The COG.

You will receive full details if you are a registered participant of The COG - signing up for The COG will add you to my main email list as well, which will give you some special deals in my Etsy shop. To get all the goodness, use the registration link below.

Here are the dates for upcoming gatherings in 2019:

JANUARY 27, 2019 - Happy New Year to you!
Theme of Creative Play:
Making a Creative Family Tree

FEBRUARY 17, 2019
Theme of Creative Play:
Self Love Paper Doll

MARCH 24, 2019
Theme of Creative Play:
Personality of Color

APRIL 28, 2019
Theme of Creative Play:
Paint Chip Poetry

MAY 26, 2019
Personality of Line

JUNE 23, 2019
Completing Unfinished Projects Together!

JULY 28, 2019
Curvilinear Lines and Biomorphic Shapes

No gathering this month!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019
2-in-1 Book Binding 

OCTOBER 27, 2019
Pocket Altar - Folding Technique

NOVEMBER 24, 2019
Creative Gratitude

There will be no gathering this month
I hope you all enjoy a Happy Holiday Season =)

ALL COG themes will be determined and shared here - be sure to bookmark this webpage to reference new creative themes as they come up!

NOTE: themes are subject to change as inspiration comes to me! ;)

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Are you ready to join the fun?!?

Use the link below to OFFICIALLY subscribe to The COG list, where you'll receive a welcome email that provides more information about the ZOOM meeting platform and how to use it, so you can get the most out of our time together! Of course, you will be notified about dates and times and receive the zoom link for our gatherings, as they occur:

I look forward to being in community with you at the next gathering!

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