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The COG - A Creative Online Gathering to REconnect to our Creative Instincts

Hello and Welcome! 

Thank you for stopping by my Creative Online Gathering information page, where you will learn more about The COG and what to expect...

For about 3 years now, I've been hosting my Creative Online Gatherings, (aka The COG!) as a way for us creatives to gather in community together online, so we can encourage and support each other in Creative Play. Our gatherings last for approximately an hour.

I am deeply committed to my Creative Instincts since childhood, playing in various creative techniques and methods, which can lead to a few problems...
  • I don't know about YOU, but I have quite a few unfinished projects in my studio, some are sewing projects, some are jewelry projects, some are art projects or book-making projects.
  • I don't know about YOU, but it can be a challenge for me to dedicate time for my own personal creativity, to complete projects I've begun for my personal use and enjoyment.
  • I don't know about YOU, but having unfinished projects often feels draining to have lying around my studio, especially when I get lured by the idea of starting a new project AS IT POPS INTO MY HEAD, but I have a LOT of ideas and I can't always work on them all at the same time!

The COG Creative Play sessions will be a gathering time for us to dedicate time to projects that may be old unfinished business, or to continue working on a project that is a long-term project, or it can be a time and space you dedicate to re-connecting to your Creative Instincts, just for yourself!

There might be classical music playing in the background as we engage in creative play, and I like to use the last 15 minutes of our time together to celebrate our creativity with a favorite beverage and snack as we share what progress we've made - it's like having a 'virtual tea party' together!

There's room for everyone at the Gathering!

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The COG is hosted one Sunday a month at 12pm PST, using the ZOOM online meeting platform. Details are always sent one day and one hour (or more) in advance. 

There is no recording of The COG, as there is no creative lesson in these sessions. I do send out a survey for YOU to vote on one of two projects you would like to see me work on during our creative play. You also have the option to submit a question I will answer and record to use for a Q&A series to share on my YouTube channel.

You will receive full details when you are a registered participant of The COG, with a welcome email that provides information about the Zoom platform, and the general protocols for being a participant.

Signing up for The COG will add you to my main email list as well, which will give you some special deals in my Etsy shop. To get all the goodness, use the registration link below.

The dates for 2020 will be posted here quarterly so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Sunday January 26

Sunday February 16

MARCH 2020
Sunday March 29

APRIL 2020
Sunday April 19

MAY 2020
Sunday May 24

JUNE 2020
Sunday June 28


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Are you ready to join the fun?!?

Use the link below to OFFICIALLY subscribe to The COG list, where you'll receive a welcome email that provides more information about the ZOOM meeting platform and how to use it, so you can get the most out of our time together! Of course, you will be notified about dates and times and receive the zoom link for our gatherings, as they occur:

I look forward to being in community with you at the next gathering!