Are you a Coloring Enthusiast who would like to connect to your creative instincts in a fun and easy way?

Maybe you enjoy looking at the art of lovely affirmation and oracle decks and wish you could create a deck of your own?

Perhaps you enjoy boosting your mood with simple yet powerful and positive affirmations?

Then I have just the thing for you!

I have been designing a fun coloring card deck that YOU will personalize through coloring, as well as help you build a positive outlook with simple 3-word affirmations to help you uplift your mood...


Once Upon a Time...I was inspired by SARK and her story of making handmade affirmation cards from cotton rag paper using her wonderful colorful artwork - she made 1000 of her decks by hand!!

I wished I could have one of those card decks, but then I realized that maybe I could make a little deck of my own, one I could carry with me every day to look at when needed...and so my own little affirmation card deck was born and I called it:

"The Basics Affirmation Cards"

I didn't make quite as many as 1000, but I have made quite a few of my own sweet little card decks over the years which many people bought and appreciated.

Here is what my original card deck looks like, which is still available for purchase in my Etsy shop:

I love creating these cards for people who enjoy meditating upon positive affirmations in their day, and I found that having these little messages tucked in your pocket or purse could be so reassuring to look at throughout my day.

But I wanted to find a way to get these simple messages into the hands of more people AND I wanted to help people tap into their innate creative instincts and to know what fun it can be to create their own special deck of cards. So, the idea to turn my original deck of cards into a deck you can COLOR YOURSELF, was born!

And this idea led to expanding the deck to add even more positive affirmations, all of which are only THREE WORDS LONG, which makes them easy to think about and meditate upon while ou are coloring them!

I also decided to make this a PRINTABLE card deck so you will have options to exercise your own creativity when printing them, from adding a favorite rubber stamp to create the back of your card deck, to printing them on patterned card stock to make the back of your card deck in a design you love, or even creating a pattern design of your own for the back of your deck.


This new deck is made of the original 8 'basic' affirmation messages with lovely mandala borders designed by me for fun and easy coloring.

It is a round card deck which is a fun shape to work with! You have the option to buy and use a 3.5" round circle cutter or you can cut the shapes yourself which will make for a nice meditative action of its own, as you slowly follow the curve of the circle to cut the finished colored card.

I have even designed a fun sleeve package for storing your cards, which you can also color in colors you love to look at:

Or you can choose to use the template and cut your own sleeve of colorful card stock instead!

"Beyond the Basics Affirmation Coloring Card Deck" begins with the original 8 affirmation messages with up to 3 additional expansion packs you can purchase and color to make a full deck of 42 cards, with some blank cards included for you to add your own affirmation messages!

And don't worry - your affirmations can be however many words you need them to be!*

This coloring card deck is so much fun to play with, you will want to print and color these cards again and again! Here are some ways you can use your extra cards:
  • Make gift tags
  • Give a colored card deck as a gift to someone in need
  • Leave colored (or blank!) cards as a surprise for others to find and use the hashtag #affirmationcoloringcardgift so I can see where they are being left for others to find!

I hope you will discover the fun of connecting to your creative impulse through this whimsical and fun coloring card deck, as well as boost your mood when meditating upon the simple yet powerful affirmations.

Visit my Etsy shop to buy your deck today and begin enjoying the fun of coloring and creating your own deck of positive affirmation cards in colors you love to look at!

* - I have found that keeping your affirmations as simple and clear as possible is helpful in keeping a positive mindset =)

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