Thoughts (and Statement) of a Book Artist

Since November 2017, I have been an enthusiastic participant with an online book art challenge and community, known as Are You Book Enough. This creative monthly book art challenge is hosted by Sarah Maker of Editions Studio, a printmaking and book binding space in Seattle. You can find her online @inkandawl on Instagram.

I am a book lover, having learned to read at an early age. I have memories of being the only kid in the classroom going home with a BOX full of books, on the days the Scholastic book orders came in!

When I had an opportunity to learn book binding, new elements of books opened up to me, which was soon followed by learning about Art Books, Art Journals and Altered Art Books.

I love stories in all forms from Dance to Music to Theatre to Film. Stories are everywhere and everyone has a story to share.

I also love Art, in all its many forms, such as Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and Photography, and Performance Art.

Of all the Art that exists, Book Art holds a special place in my heart!

TREASURE - July 2018 Challenge Theme; Book made from recycled items and vintage ephemera

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From childhood I have been deeply connected to two things: my Creative Instincts and Story. My connection to Story began with reading at an early age, then expanded as I grew to see Story in many forms such as Dance, Theatre, Music, Song and Performance Art. However, books have a special place in my heart, so it was inevitable that I would one day learn to create books of all kinds.

Art Books provide a variety of ways to play with the book form to tell a story, from a traditionally bound book with words, to art journals with visual art, to altered books that may utilize the words on the pages within or be revised with new words and art.

When sharing Story in my books, I might build a book using classic binding or folding techniques. I might choose to alter an existing book or I might create an artful book utilizing recycled elements, all depending on what will serve Story best, so my books tend to be an ever-changing experiment. My books also invite and encourage the Reader to interact with Story.

In my creative world, Art and Story are very real beings, as are Magic and especially Creativity. Each of us are all born with the Creative Instinct and I help adults reconnect to their Creative Instincts through workshops and creative play. You can find me online @monicathecreativebeast on Instagram.

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As of January 2020, I have created 27 books for the Are You Book Enough challenge, with the month of September 2019 yielding 2 books for the theme TICKET. 

I hope to create other book ideas that were generated with many of the themes provided by AYBE. I'd love to make them and have an exhibit called "Alternate Universe: Other Books Prompted by Are You Book Enough"!

Each book has a unique story and an Instagram post isn't always enough to convey the full story of each book. I am creating flip-through videos of my books created for Are You Book Enough, which can be found on my YouTube channel. I also share flip-through videos of other art books and art journals I create.

I hope you'll visit my channel to learn more about my art books, altered books and art journals.

FAMILY - February 2019 Challenge Theme; Carousel or 'Star' Book structure

POEM - April 2018 Challenge Theme;
Origami envelopes holding single lines of a 30-day poem, all kept within a hand constructed plastic box

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