Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The 100 Day Project Studio Clean-Up!

Currently taped to a wall in my studio as a daily reminder of my INTENTION...

I am DETERMINED to do this!

For the first time ever, I am joining the 100 Day Project and I've chosen to clean and organize my creative studio as my 100 Day Project, instead of doing a 'creative project'...

Do you know what the 100 Day Project is? This fabulous project began 5 years ago as a way to encourage people to get CREATIVE for 100 days, and it has generated some amazing results for many people who felt they had no time for creativity. Many projects include drawing every day, painting everyday, or making something everyday for ONE HUNDRED DAYS, which is an amazing feat of endurance.

I have watched this project play out over the past years with many creatives I follow, notably with Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse as she began to honor her own ART-FULL impulse with watercolor play.

Cynthia has a great newsletter, and in a recent issue, she mentioned how a creative she knew chose to do a STUDIO CLEAN-UP for the 100 Day Project and it really struck a chord with me, as I've struggled to have a clean and organized studio forever, it seems.

The door leading to my creative studio space...

I've tried using the Marie Kondo book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I've watched other creatives do overhauls on their creative studios, which is inspiring, but so far, nothing has really helped, at least for me...

Cluttered bookshelves I plan to move to the other side of the studio - this will be a BIG task

But the idea of doing a little something each day to reach my dream of a clean and organized studio, now feels achievable, and I've made some progress so far, which you can view at my Instagram account.

My current worktable (folding table!) will be replaced with a vintage table that once belonged to my grandmother - this switch will be another BIG task!

In order to achieve my dream, I've had to reframe things into a different mind-set of GOALS, instead of nebulous 'dreams'. I've been using a list app on my iPad to figure out some big tasks I need to accomplish in order to create a studio space that will make me happy, and I also DEFINED what the parameters are in having a 'clean, well-organized studio'...

A section of the studio closet with many unfinished projects and garment repair to be done

Here is how I am defining my project, as I set my intention to have a 'clean and well- organized studio' by the end of this project, which will be JULY 12, 2018:

to have a clean, well-organized, brightly decorated creative studio in 100 days!

CLEAN...means NO BOXES on the floor or under the worktable, no piles of papers, or piles of anything in general, left on the worktable

WELL-ORGANIZED...means every supply, tool, and art book has a home to go to at the end of a creating session, so NOTHING IS LEFT OUT at the end of the day

BRIGHTLY DECORATED...means surrounding myself with colorful art made by fellow creatives, hand lettered messages of MEANING, and fun 'stuffies' or dolls made by creatives I admire, along with featuring my own creative work! Brightly decorated means COLOR in the studio with colorful furniture and/or storage, and a color palette to work within.
TWINKLE LIGHTS are imperative!!
(color palette to be revealed in a future post)

So much stuff hiding under the table, so many piles on top of the table...I've got my work cut out for me!

As you can see from the photos shared here, I have a BIG job ahead of me!

But I am finding that as I make small progress every day, it is really shifting the energy in this room and it's giving me motivation to keep going. I do believe I can tackle this project and MAYBE even get it done in LESS THAN 100 DAYS...

And if I get it all accomplished in less than 100 Days, what then??

As you can see, I have PLENTY of unfinished projects I can work on, and complete if I have any days remaining ;)

So now the question remains...

What will YOU do for YOUR 100 Day Project??

Let me know what your 100 Day Project will be in the comments below so I can support and encourage you! Together we can do this!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to watch my daily progress and be sure to tag me with YOUR progress on your project so I can lend support =)

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