Friday, December 29, 2017

Cooperative Economics...

Fourth Light for Kwanzaa...

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts!

I hope you have been enjoying my musings on the Principles of Kwanzaa, which is taking place this week. There are seven principles, one for each day of this 7-day holiday, and each principle is worth reflecting about as they are positive values that are good to incorporate into one's Life, in many ways. You can read my previous Kwanzaa posts gathered together at this page HERE.

Todays Kwanzaa Principle is Cooperative Economics...

Cooperative Economics

Just what does Cooperative Economics mean?

According to the principles of Kwanzaa, this is the definition of Cooperative Economics:

"To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together"

What this now means to me, as a creative entrepreneur, is that I have a responsibility to shop locally, to do business with small businesses so we can all grow and thrive together as a community.

Shopping at big box stores can certainly be easy and often efficient, but this is how a community becomes impoverished, when all small businesses have to close down and you are left with only a big corporate conglomerate to conduct your business with, often with little to no real customer service to help you when things aren't working smoothly.

Small towns have become ghost towns this way, and we do not need ghost towns in our world, we need thriving communities with healthy businesses, and sometimes a small business can create jobs for others. Maybe not thousands of jobs, but with some growth, small businesses can create jobs for a community.

I enjoy shopping at small specialty shops and boutiques. The owners are often happy to provide that extra special something you can't get at a place like Target. They enjoy helping people and providing goods that are displayed with creativity. They understand that being in business is a nice two-way street for seller and shopper alike.

This 'two-way street' idea does apply to small online businesses through Etsy as well. I am an Etsy seller myself, and I like purchasing from fellow vendors, they provide wonderfully warm and friendly service. It's almost like making a new friend with each transaction!

You can't really say that about big box stores, can you??

How does Cooperative Economics show up in your world? How can you be a part of Cooperative Economics in your community to help local businesses grow, and to help YOUR community thrive?

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading here today! I hope you've found something to think about, something you can act on to make some positive change in the world today =) Stay tuned for the remaining days of the Principles of Kwanzaa, as CREATIVITY is one of them and its my favorite!

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