Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Six Years Ago Today...

...A blog was born on July 29, 2009 and I called it "The Creative Beast"...

But just HOW did that name come about anyway? Well, my fellow creative beasts, let me tell you that story...
***   ***   ***

One day, way back in the 90's, I was describing my weekend activities to a co-worker and I believe the list of activities was as follows:

Making patterns for costumes for a dance show...that I was also performing in
Sewing the final touches for a Renaissance Faire costume I would be wearing at the faire within a few weeks
Rehearsing a dance for the aforementioned dance show
Making some rag dolls to sell at a shop on consignment (this was BEFORE the internet really took off!)
Knitting a poncho - this was the first round of the knitted poncho trends
Sketching designs for one of my Fashion Design classes, which would then have to be made into a pattern, then sewn as an actual garment...

In the course of describing all of these activities, my co-worker interjected:

"Well! You are quite the CREATIVE BEAST, aren't you?!?"

When I heard those two words - CREATIVE BEAST - I knew this would be my nom de plume somehow, someway!

I drew this little character back in the 90's, with the idea I just might use it for a creative business! She has been 'professionally' colored in with help from my dear boyfriend, now called 'Man Of The House'

And so it came to be, six years ago today, that I used the name "The Creative Beast" when I created this blog to share my love of all things creative...

I have shared many creative adventures with you all here since that first blog post, so allow me to share some of the highlights as a retrospective of what's happened in my life since this blog began:

I participated in my first big blog event, Blogtoberfest, hosted by my first blog buddy and fellow Art Journey-er, Cathy aka 'Tinniegirl'

I attended my first ever art retreat called An Artful Journey, where I met MANY fellow 'creative beasts' and this would not be my last art retreat!

I had my first ever art exhibit with a project I had long wanted to create

I had my artwork published in TWO BOOKS written by Patti Digh, who I had recently discovered

I had my first ever teaching job with a troop of Girl Scouts

I got my creative workshops into my local community college to share my love of book arts and creativity...

And while I did manage to actually teach two workshops in the course of being on the roster for three sessions, unfortunately, I will no longer be teaching there due to 'clientele not showing interest in the workshops', but I've come to realize that the venue is not meant for me and what I have to offer...

***   ***   ***
So, I am continuing to search for ways to forge a creative career for myself and to find ways to share my love of creativity in ALL it's forms, from sewing and costumes, to doll making and fashion design, from coloring and collage, to book arts and baking!

I am so thankful for ALL the amazing creative beasts that have crossed my path and so thankful for all the folks that have left comments here at my humble little blog. I had no idea how my life would take form when I began this blog and it is has been an amazing, creative and art-FULL adventure, which I most certainly plan to continue for many more years to come!

As a matter of fact, I have signed up to participate in The Doodle Days of Summer, which begins in just TWO DAYS! Sign up SOON if you want to play along!

And I will be sharing my progress with this years round of August Moon, being hosted by Alana at Wolf and Word which begins on August 15 - there is still time to sign up to play along and generate some fabulous magic through journaling!

What ways do you use to celebrate YOUR creativity?? Gardening? Baking? Writing? Painting? There is more than one way to be CREATIVE so try them all and EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVE IMPULSE!