Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Reverb15 - Surprises

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
Today is Day Two of Reverb15, hosted by Kat McNally of "I Saw You Dancing". There is still time to sign up HERE and play along if you are inspired to do so.

And now for today's writing prompt...

Prompt Two: Surprises

"What surprised you this year?"

What surprised me this year...was being given the gift of an online workshop I had been dreaming of taking since hearing of it from Ms. Kat McNally herself sometime last year...shall I share this story?

Kat McNally told me of the online course called Inner Alchemy Cards, hosted by Mindy Tsonas and this course is about creating your own oracle card deck based on the elements Air, Water, Earth...and the Earth Coven takes pace during the fall, just before my birthday and after seeing this online course, I KNEW I would have to join the Earth Coven to make an Earth deck before my 50th birthday took place this year, so I had time to figure out the funds to join the course...

...Except for the fact that I've been struggling to earn enough money to even pay just my personal bills, let alone having any extra money to use for joining creative workshops for my enjoyment and personal growth.

But I dreamed of joining the Earth Coven to make myself a special, personal deck of highly creative and intuitive cards in time for my big milestone 50th birthday.

Not long after taking the leap to join Mondo Beyondo to jumpstart my burned out spirit and recharge my 'dreaming big' muscles, I received a newsletter from Mindy announcing registration for the Earth Coven AND an opportunity to WIN A FREE SPOT in the Earth Coven!

There were other freebies being offered too, but all I wanted was a spot in that ecourse!

All I had to to was share the attached photo from the newsletter in my social media, using hashtags for Mindy to find me, and she would pick a winner within 10 days...well, I am not fond of bombarding my friends on Facebook (or Instagram or Twitter or...you get the picture!) with promotions, so I was a bit reluctant to use my social media for a contest to win a spot in an ecourse.

But I REALLY wanted to make that special deck of cards for my upcoming 50th birthday!!

AND I had just made the commitment in Mondo Beyondo to 'invite CLARITY, TRUST and MAGIC into my life', and I knew I had to honor that commitment, so I began to share my intention of CLARITY, TRUST and MAGIC, with the hopes of gaining the free spot in the Earth Coven, the online course I had been dreaming of participating in ALL YEAR LONG...

In just 3 days, I received THREE EMAILS at each of my email addresses (yes, I have THREE EMAIL ADDRESSES, something I NEVER thought I'd do, but more about that another day) from Mindy informing me of the following:


Someone special purchased this class for you as a gift! They wish to remain anonymous, but send you much joy and love on your journey - lucky girl!

Welcome to Earth Coven and to our FALL Inner Alchemy Circle! 


I looked at that message and looked at the message at each of my email addresses over and over, and then I wrote back to Mindy to confirm that this was REALLY TRUE, because I doubted this MAGIC for a full 24 hours...
This is how bad my BURNED OUT, BLOCKED AND BROKE state of mind was when this message came to me...you can see how I REALLY needed Mondo Beyondo to help me with my 'dreaming big' muscles at this point!
But it was true - a 'fairy godmother' gave me the gift of a spot in the Earth Coven, which meant that there was room for someone else to WIN the spot AND get the other free goodies that were part of the giveaway, items I really didn't need anyway...and I love the idea that there is 'enough pie to go around', so this gift meant there were TWO WINNERS, after all.
I recently shared this story with an old friend and she almost began to cry upon hearing it...some days, I still cry a little at my good fortune...or should I say at my CLARITY to TRUST in MAGIC again??

 Two cards from my deck-in-progress: Conjure and Ritual - Both are taking priority in my life these days!

This is how my mantra, affirmation and talisman have been working for me, since setting my intentions and this is just one of the surprises that have taken place since then...but more about those other surprises for another post, another day...
Thank you for stopping my blog and reading today!


Deborah Weber said...

What a delightful surprise indeed Monica!

I love the cards you made, and how perfect is it you were gifted with a chance to make an EARTH deck. Feels to me like that was spot on magic - Earth to help you ground your very powerful new mantra "Clarity to Trust in Magic." Fun, fun, fun.

Corinne Anderson said...

What a wonderful post! Cascading Magic! The Magic of the gift, the magic of the alchemy circle, the magic of the wonderful cards that continues to unfold (which are fabulous btw) and now the magic of sharing it all with us. Perfectly wonderful.

A friend pointed me to Mindy's Alchemy Card classes as well and I found them to be magical beyond my wildest imaginings…. a gift that keeps revealing itself.

bronze-ribbons said...

Hurrah for godmothers, and cardmaking, too!

Jennifer Williams-Fields said...

And even more special that it was gifted to you! Someone must truly believe in you.