Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reverb15 - Secret Ingredient

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
Today is Day Nine of Reverb15, hosted by Kat McNally of "I Saw You Dancing". There is still time to sign up HERE and play along if you are inspired to do so.

And now for today's writing prompt...

Prompt Nine: Secret Ingredient

Here is what Kat proposes for today's writing prompt:

As you may know, the theme of this year's Reverb reflective writing challenge is Alchemy. This was my word for 2015 but it has been so rich and evocative that I may just keep it for life.

Just the idea of Alchemy makes me curious. 

Like, what if you had to give someone a recipe for how to make a YOU?

What major ingredients would be required? What method would you recommend?

How would your je ne sais quoi be recreated?

Hmmm, what an interesting proposition, to figure out a recipe on how to make me, ME...

It brings to mind a conversation I once had with my dear Wise Woman:

ME: We need to have more Wise Women on this planet! (I have said this on more than one occasion!)

Wise Woman: I told my dear husband that you think we need more Wise Women in the world and he said that I should tell you that "if we have more Wise Women, we need to have more Dear Husbands to take care of them"!!

Which is to say that the very first ingredient to make another ME is to create a matching Dear Boyfriend to take care of my doppelganger! ;)

But if someone wanted to know what helps to make a Creative Beast, what would be needed..?

Here is my list of not-so-secret ingredients:

BOOKS, to start - good children's books, followed by some psychology and social studies, historical fiction and the occasional novel that includes vintage fashion or clothing in some way!

Add DANCE classes because a Creative Beast is a restless beast unless she learns various forms of dance to keep her moving when things get a little dull (which is RARELY!)

Throw in lots of ART: drawing, painting, some ceramics, some 3-D Design, some wood sculpture and LOTS of collage and mixed media, not to mention some traditional book binding skills...and some sewing skills...and some knitting skills...

Stir in lots of MUSIC which will do double duty by 1) soothing a savage (Creative!) Beast and 2) give the Creative Beast something to dance to...just about any kind of music will do - except maybe Country Western ;)

Sprinkle in the following FOODS, sparingly: potato chips; french fries; McDonald Big Macs; really good carnitas; AMAZING tamales*; sushi**; really good clam chowder***; tiramisu; chocolate cupcakes with homemade mocha icing; blood orange soda; Pepsi; hazelnut chocolate ice cream or hazelnut chocolate cookies; ANYTHING with lemon flavoring; ANYTHING flavored with pineapple; pepperoni, mushroom and black olive pizza; homemade mac & cheese...dang, now I'm getting hungry ;)

Add dollops of costume drama MOVIES, comedies and historical documentaries...

Toss together with a few NAPS and BIKE RIDES and I believe we would get 'Souffle du Creative Beast'! ****

Would anyone care to try my recipe??!? ;)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading today!

* - it is not easy to find AMAZING tamales, so I already eat these sparingly - I could actually eat them every day, I love tamales so much!
** - Sushi can be pricey, which is why I already eat this sparingly too - wish I could eat this more often!
*** - really good clam chowder can be surprisingly difficult to find in some restaurants, unless it is a seafood restaurant, like this one, which does, in fact, serve a really good clam chowder
**** - this translated to 'Breath of the Creative Beast', which I thought sounded great for a recipe to create me! ;)


Deborah Weber said...

Oh goodness - "Souffle du Creative Beast" is a fabulous recipe indeed. And it seems I have many of the ingredients at hand already. :-)


Dear Creative Beast! I can see that you are voracious! Such dynamic energy! Love how you juggled this fun but challenging topic!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic, joyful recipe. Your list of foodstuffs in particular is amazing.