Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reverb15 - Replenishment

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
Today is Day Four of Reverb15, hosted by Kat McNally of "I Saw You Dancing". There is still time to sign up HERE and play along if you are inspired to do so.

And now for today's writing prompt...

Prompt Four: Replenishment

Today's guest prompt is given to us by fellow Reverb participant and writer Kathleen Jowitt who poses a thoughtful question for us:

As the year ends, and we look back at the joys, achievements and disappointments of the past twelve months, it's worth taking some time to recognise what our efforts have demanded of us and where our resources have been depleted.

Whether you have spent 2015 bringing some long-cherished project to fruition or simply trying to keep your head above water, it's likely that this has come at some cost to you.

How can you replenish your (physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional) resources? What do you need most of all at this moment? 

How in the world did Kathleen know that I've been trying to keep my head above water this year, above the disappointments, challenges and struggles and, most recently, big losses in finances and family members...

2015 has not been the best of years and I have felt my personal resources depleted time and time again.

I realized how burned out I was by mid-summer and I began make a plan to replenish myself by stepping back from all the work I was doing that seemed to be going nowhere and I began to carve out some morning rituals that do help to replenish my spirit:
Some of these practices have fallen by the wayside due to the recent difficulties that have taken place in my household, but I always start my day with quiet breathing meditation and my exercises, followed by the inspirational reading and ending with my 5 minutes of journaling gratitude and setting intentions for a great day.

I really do miss my reading time and would like to build that back into my day, with reading time during the day and ending my day.

However, what I do need most at this time in my life, to replenish my spirit after the beating it has taken this year, is to carve out time for my annual Word of the Year reflection. As I now use more than one worksheet for finding my Word of the Year, along with worksheets to reflect on the challenges and highlights of 'the year that was', much of my year-end reflection now takes quite a few hours to work through, so scheduling specific time for all this journaling is a must.

And planning for special snacks and treats to nibble on while doing this deep reflection would be a good idea too!

I could also use the remaining weeks to simply do nothing but watch my favorite holiday movies, more than once if possible, accompanied with lots of buttered popcorn.

I could stand to add a daily nap into my day for the rest of this year.

And I need to acknowledge every day that it is okay for me to 'honor the way things work best for ME', and to follow through on that, however that looks.

Many thanks to Kathleen for posing this much needed question on replenishment so I can have CLARITY on what I need for the remainder of this year, and I can then set the intention to invite TRUST and MAGIC into my life to make my replenishment fall into place, with the possibility of a nice surprise, like a healing body massage!! ;)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading today!


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome :-) I am sorry to hear that 2015 has not been as easy as it might be, and I wish you all the best with your end-of-year replenishing.

And I need to acknowledge every day that it is okay for me to 'honor the way things work best for ME', and to follow through on that, however that looks.


Deborah Weber said...

I love the idea of you participating in a rich and prolonged year-end review Monica, complete with reading breaks and delicious snacks. What a delicious way to invoke the energy of what you want into the new year. And yes, yes, yes to honoring the way things work best for you. I look forward to hearing what word you choose as your guiding star in for the upcoming year, and I hope the year itself unfolds with endless blessings.

Corinne Anderson said...

I love seeing that you continue to weave Clarity, Trust and Magic into your life. That and honoring your own path in the way it shows up is transformative.

Jennifer Williams-Fields said...

Last year I got rid of our satellite TV subscription so we no longer have television in our house. We do have Netflix etc so no one is deprived. But it's been a very unexpected bonus that since I no longer have television in my bedroom, my evenings are now dedicated to reading/ writing. Something I never "had time" for before.
The lack of background noise is really a pleasure.

The Creative Beast said...

Jennifer, I know just how pleasurable it can be to go without a TV - I once went for over three years without a TV in my home and read a lot of books and made a lot clothes and home goods for myself (and sometimes others!). My dear boyfriend, however, loves having cable, but I don't turn on the TV, when working from home, until late afternoon when I want to watch some uplifting show with my afternoon lunch...howev, I might try to incorporate a 'TV Free Day' into our lives to make room for MORE BOOKS! Thanks for commenting here!

RW said...

I also enjoy a fairly substantial year end review and choose a word for the year - I look forward to hearing what you choose - and what resources you use.