Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reverb15 - Radical Acts of Love

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,

Today is Day 10 of Reverb15, hosted by Kat McNally of "I Saw You Dancing". There is still time to sign up HERE and play along if you are inspired to do so.

And now for today's writing prompt...

Prompt Ten: Radical Acts of Love

We have a guest contributor for today's prompt and her name is Julia Inglis of 'Sacred Familiar', who creates some of the most amazing needle felted medicine dolls I've ever seen!

Here is the prompt given to us from Julia:

When we heal our spirits the ripples are felt from the highest branches to the deepest roots of our family trees. 

What radical act of love or non-conformity did you embrace this year? 

How did performing this alchemy affect your ancestors and what is the gold waiting to be shared with future relations?

Hmmmm, once again I'm feeling a bit stymied with this prompt, as it harks back to ancestors and to family trees...

But I do love the primary question of 'radical acts of love or non-conformity' that I may have embraced this year...

For anyone who has been reading at my blog for sometime now, you will understand that I have been 'committing an act of non-conformity' for over THREE years now, and that is to blaze my own trail, to utilize my skills and forge a creative career as a maker and instructor.

This has not been easy.

And this year in particular has been a difficult one, with some real challenges thrown into the mix in the past two months...

But each day I choose this 'radical act of self love', knowing it is the best choice FOR ME, as I finally begin to truly 'honor doing things in the way that works best for ME'...and 'doing things in the way that work best for ME' might now mean scrapping some things and starting from scratch, and blazing more trails, instead of walking well worn paths that are not bringing the results I wish to see.

This will not be easy.

But it will be easier knowing that working within 'established systems' is not going to work for me because I really don't like 'established systems'!

And not working within 'established systems' is also an act of 'non-conformity', something that was not really looked upon favorably as I was growing up...but then, who was raised to think as a non-conformist?!?

I really don't know how my radical acts of self love and non-conformity will affect my ancestors or future relations with anyone I may cross paths with in the future, but I'm beginning to see that the 'gold waiting to be shared with future relations' will be a strong sense of resilience, determination and confidence and I can only hope that these qualities I am cultivating by walking my own path will be an inspiration to anyone I may meet in the future.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading today!



Dear CREATIVE BEAST! I wandered about your blog today to explore the wonderful creative person that you are and all the colorful artful workshops your noncomformity offers the world. Hurray for the courage to be you!

Deborah Weber said...

I feel such a sense of delightful expansive energy here Monica - paving new paths and saying no to established systems. Sounds very Creative Beast to me!