Monday, November 30, 2015

Returning with Reverb15 - Lists & Prayers

My fellow Creative Beasts,

It has been 125 days since my last post...

There has been much struggle and challenge in that time, but there have also been sprinklings of hope.

Today, I return to blogging with #reverb15 and the theme of "ALCHEMY", which has been springing around me in the past month or so, especially when I took the leap (despite the fact that I was BURNED OUT, BLOCKED and BROKE!) to join in Mondo Beyondo to help me reconnect to my 'dreaming big' muscles...and todays Reverb15 prompt harks back to some lists I made at the start of Mondo Beyondo...

Prompt One: Lists and Prayers

What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for?

On this first day into #reverb15, let me share a few items from lists I made at the beginning of Mondo Beyondo, and let me state that the lists we were asked to make could be as outlandish or outrageous as we wanted:
  • Live near Nina Bagley and become her studio assistant!
  • Move to Portland, Oregon (a hotbed of creative community! or move to North Carolina (Nina Bagley lives here!)
  • Have my own creativity show on CREATE TV
  • Share my creativity and creative lifestyle approach with an enthusiastic audience and BE PAID to share my ideas
  • Create artful books and journals that are highly valued, prized and bought by appreciative customers and clients
  • Help adults reconnect to their innate creativity so they will incorporate it into their lives for more JOY in Life and positive self esteem...and BE PAID for this worthwhile work
  • Getting a FREE FIAT in a fun bright color!
  • Receive the gift of attending the very last Artful Journey Retreat by donations from friends who support me and the art work I create...

This is just a small sampling of the lists I created in the process of Mondo Beyondo and I have to say some of these items do seem a little far fetched, like moving to North Carolina to become Nina Bagley's studio assistant! Or getting a FREE FIAT to drive around town!!

But then again, why not??!?

However, if my lists are a form of 'praying', then it appears that I am 'praying' for the following:

  • Moving away from Los Angeles, and out of California altogether
  • Share my creativity in a supportive community
  • Share my love of creativity to inspire creativity in others...and be well paid for this worthwhile work

There have been some difficult challenges happening in my world and it has not been easy to hold onto these 'big dreams' or keep my 'dreaming big' muscles strong, but at the start of Mondo Beyondo, I set this intention:

I invite CLARITY, TRUST and MAGIC into my life

This has been my mantra, affirmation and talisman ever since...and in little ways, it has been working, but more about that for another post...

Thank you for stopping my blog and reading today!