Thursday, May 21, 2015

In The Merry Month of May...

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
It's been awhile since I last posted here and though I have been in 'cocooning' mode, there is much happening in my pull up a chair and have your favorite beverage at hand to enjoy as we move through the recent adventures I've been having since my last post:

It's Renaissance Faire Time!
It was time for the annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire and I went with my dear MOTH (Man Of The House), IN COSTUME, of course and got to visit with a beloved vendor and creative inspiration, is a photo taken of us together as I'm wearing one of her fabulous hat creations in red and burgundy:

I'm also wearing a 'book brooch' she gifted me at a previous Faire outing and a new necklace she gave me as a thank you for giving her some vintage wooden spools to use in her creations, with one of the spools being added to the necklace on the spot!

Since receiving this wonderful gift, I've been embellishing it a bit, making the necklace a kind of 'collaboration' piece as I add my creativity to the creative style of is a detail shot of what I have added so far - you can view a few more shots of the process at my Facebook page:

A tiny heart with an "M" for my name, sequins, tiny beads and rhinestone embellishments glued to a vintage wooden spool that once belonged to my grandmother...

'Tidying Up'
One of the reasons for my 'cocooning' is that I've been in serious cleaning, or 'tidying' mode since discovering the book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo and it has been a real game changer! I can't wait until I can begin to work on the 'komono' category, which is where my studio and all my craft supplies will come into play, but so far, I've been 'tidying up' my clothes closet and it has brought on some interesting inspirations since my tidying process began:
  • I'm wearing sparkier outfits now that my closet has only clothes that bring me JOY
  • I'm rotating and using my beloved handbags more often
  • I'm making more jewelry, finishing old projects to wear, or to give as I get inspired with jewelry ideas that will look great...on someone else!
Needless to say, a few friends will be getting some surprise jewelry in the mail in the months to come and here are some earrings I recently made that will be mailed to a dear friend for her birthday in June:

I really love how these earrings look but it's not really a style that I wear, so they will be sent to a dear friend who has more of a 'rock & roll' vibe than I do!

Not So Merry Tidying 'Side Effects'
Now, it must be said that one problem with all this cleaning is that I seem to come down with sinus attacks, allergies and head colds!

This happened back in February when I made an effort to move my scrapbook paper cabinet out of the bathroom and into my studio closet. Accomplishing this task took a whole day and it meant being exposed to some long-standing dust that the vacuum could not always reach, and I came down with a terrible allergy attack that lasted over two weeks and eventually morphed into a head cold/infection for one week.

The recent 'tidying-up' process began with my clothes and was broken down into several sub-categories. This too meant I was exposed to some long standing dust in the clothes closet that the vacuum can not always reach, not to mention dust gathering on the closet shelves as I took down my hats, my shoes, my scarves and my handbags for sorting and eventually discarding. I've been going through all my things, but here is a quick peek at a before/after tidying session with just my scarf collection:

OMG - there are 29 scarves here in this pile, before the discarding began, some of them knitted or sewn by me

The pile of scarves has been whittled down to 13, though there are one or two that might return to the fold, but all of these scarves bring a joy-full smile to my face!
Now, I am suffering another sinus attack as I write this, which has derailed my plan to begin sorting through my books this week...


I guess I should have seen this derailment coming since Mercury Retrograde is upon us again...

Mercury Retrograde Plan De-Railed
I had plans for this Mercury Retrograde period to start up my "Habit of Completion" Project again, but I have been too sick to do much computer work, so I won't have much energy to start this project off the way I want...but I can still look at the unfinished projects I have and put them on my list of projects to finish before the retrograde comes to an end...

And you are certainly welcome to join me in finishing any long forgotten projects you might have lingering in your studio!

Here is a project that could use some finishing - an old necklace idea I shared here on my blog a few years ago, but have yet to assemble and complete:

And a few weeks ago I discovered this jade butterfly pendant I've been meaning to turn into a necklace and I've found many wonderful elements to use for it:

I'm excited to share that I FINALLY created a separate page for the 'Habit of Completion' project and it lists ways you can play along, as well as listing many of the projects I hope to complete before the Retrograde phases have ended. So far it has not been showing up on the home page but I hope that is only Mercury Retrograde up to it's technological computer tricks! Be sure to check out the link and see the many projects to be completed in 2015!

Some Last Thoughts
Interestingly, I've been on a quest to find and purchase a collection of butterfly pins since cleaning out my jewelry must be the 'transformational' aspect of the butterfly that is attracting me these days, as I 'cocoon' myself in my home and begin some earnest work on transforming the clutter into a home and studio that is cozy, calming and inviting to creative work and creative play!

I'll be sure to share some photos of my studio cleaning process when that time comes along - so far it looks like I will be working on the studio by the end of the Merry Month of May, but that could change - be sure to stay tuned!