Friday, April 17, 2015

The Last Two Posts for April Moon...

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
I have been participating in Kat McNally's writing challenge, April Moon 15. Even though these are the last two days and prompts of April Moon, you are invited to join and play along however you are moved to do so at whatever pace you choose! You can still find all the details and sign up HERE...
There are only two prompts left for April Moon and I will now share my thoughts on these final prompts:

DAY 14:
"LUCK is what happens when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY" - Seneca

I continue to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead and insure that I will be ready to recognize them as opportunities when they cross my path by having an open mind and open often means living in uncertainty, but such is Life, isn't it?

DAY 15:

To have more fabulously creative opportunites cross my path
To pass along my sewing knowledge to enthusiastic students
To share my love of creativity, book making and art making to yet more enthusiastic students
To earn a good income with my teaching that will allow me to travel to visit my creative friends near and far
To teach at an art retreat in another state, near a beach or near a forest
To have a colorful and well organized creative studio that inspires all who see or enter it, including ME
To be able to read every morning for breakfast in the loveliness of our garden patio
To have a FIAT car and to travel to Paris in the next two years...and finally...

I wish to have a wonderful 50th birthday in November!

Many thanks to Kat McNally and to Alana Lawson for hosting this wonderful writing challenge!


Kat McNally said...

May all of this come to pass... and much much more.
Thank you for your fantastic responses to the April Moon prompts. xxx

kafj said...

May it be so! Wishing you the best of luck for all your wonderful adventures!

Alana said...

I love your list of intentions! May they all come true xx

zirconium said...

Enjoyed reading this fabulous list. Especially since I was admiring a Fiat in the parking lot of a French-inspired restaurant in Nashville three nights ago. :)