Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 2 & Day 3 of April Moon 15

Hello my fellow Creative Beasts,
I am participating in Kat McNally's AprilMoon15 writing challenge for the next few weeks, as a way to continue my current process of cleaning and clearing the emotional AND physical clutter in my life to allow MORE goodness into my life. There is still time to join in and receive the daily writing prompts in your email by signing up HERE.

Now onto the last two prompts that came my way...

Day 2 - Knowing what I know now, I would tell my 10-years-ago self:

My Dear Creative Beast,
There will be a few people about to cross your path that will cause you some grief. I know you may not want to believe it when you meet them, because:

1) you will ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt, until they prove out your gut instincts, and

2) some of these people in question are consummate actors and VERY GOOD at keeping up appearances for longer than most people, but they will eventually bear out the whisperings of your gut instincts for the disreputable and untrustworthy people they really are

I know that even while you are on the verge of turning 40, you still question your instincts, but I am here to tell you that you really must learn to trust them more. I know it will be nearly 10 more years before you truly begin to realize and know this for yourself, but your instincts are simply your inner Wise Woman pointing you in the direction you need to go and warning you about people who care not for your best interests because they are too selfish to do so...

And as for those awful people in question, whom we will call "Troublemaker with Spineless Sidekick", "Spoiled Bitch and The Vile Crone"*, just try to keep in mind that the troubles these characters cause (and they really are characters due to the DRAMA they create around them!) do not have to be trouble for YOU, if you simply think of all of them as characters in the Theatre of Life and you are merely a member in the audience who can walk away for a primp in the bathroom before the real fun of intermission comes along...and intermission is where the fun happens because THAT is when you get to eat some tasty snacks and mingle with friends and like-minded people who can laugh at the ridiculously silly characters in the Theatre of Life, those sad characters who seem to NEVER learn their Life's Lessons and are doomed to repeat their pathetic patterns over and over and over and over and over and...

But YOU, my dear Creative Beast, are far too smart to repeat your patterns over and over, excepting the problem of reliving the hurts these ridiculous people will cause you. Please do not indulge this habit as it will rob you of time and energy that is always better spent elsewhere, on things and people that matter most to YOU. Those ridiculous characters of DRAMA are only meant to serve as examples on how NOT to be in the world and you are very good at learning to be strong and powerful from the silly characters who are neither strong nor powerful, though they do pretend at it.

I know you might not be able to take this in, despite being a very smart gal, but I only want to warn you about what is to come so you can utilize your time and energy for better things, like honing in on your creative skills, yes even more than you already do, as it will always provide much joy-full benefit to you and it will also prime you to share what you love with others later on down the road...and there are a few wonderful things that you will give birth to in the years ahead!

Day 3 - Giving birth doesn't have to be literal. So far in my life I have birthed:

What a wonderful prompt this is, as it gives me a chance to look back at the MANY things I have birthed in my creative life. There are so many opportunities that have come my way, but I will share just a few highlights**:

What have you birthed recently, my fellow Creative Beasts?

* - As we all know every character deserves a good title and isn't it interesting how the 'bad guys' always seem to work in pairs?! ;)

** - This prompt is a great one to use as I ready myself to finally begin work on my own "Of The Heart" heirloom treasure book to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday - Be sure to check out this lovely online workshop SOON as it is currently 50% off the original price!


Alana said...

Yes why is it that those villains always seem to be a duo?
Congrats on all your wonderful births over the years xx

Kat McNally said...

I love how you follow your calling towards your best self... and your generosity of spirit on the journey. x