Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TED Talk for Tuesday...

Okay, so I'm not actually sharing a TED Talk, but a specific interview bit from the TED Radio Hour, hosted by Guy Raz*...with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love...among other books she has written!

I heard this interview a few months ago and remembered it when commenting on a friends Facebook page when she received a response from Elizabeth Gilbert upon the upcoming release of a new book.

I remembered this interview and had to share it here because she speaks some amazing and VERY FUNNY truths about Creativity and how to work with it:

The parts you will want to pay special attention to are at 4:05 minutes, 8:38 minutes and at 9:37 minutes. Ms. Gilbert says some things about Creativity better than I could have ever said them myself!

Do yourself a favor and take a break with your favorite cuppa and listen in, won't you??

* - I was very excited to learn that my own dear friend and Wise Woman has crossed paths with the mother of Guy Raz a few times! I do love seeing 'six degrees of separation' in action =)

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