Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creating a Habit of Completion...

Well, my fellow Creative Beasts,
I've made a little progress as I work toward creating a 'Habit of Completion' for myself during this Mercury Retrograde period, which I mentioned in my previous blog post

I had quite a list of unfinished projects to tackle and so far I have managed to complete one of the items on that list, which is sewing up a pair of aprons I had cut two years is how they looked when I posted my list:

Playing with hand-cut bias strips before pinning it all into place to sew it together...

And here is how they looked as I worked toward completing these unfinished projects:

Sewing the bias trim to the top of the apron pocket - I chose to leave the bias with raw edges so when it's washed it will leave nice frayed edges

Bias is sewn around the 'neckline', or top of the apron bib, and pinned along the lower edges, after the pocket has been sewn down into 3 pockets

I begin to realize that the sewing might go faster if I work both aprons in tandem - the upper apron with the pocket cut along the selvedge edge appears as if the flowers are growing upward from the hem!

Bias is ready to be sewn down for BOTH aprons...

All that is left now is to sew the binding strips that will make up the neck and waist ties for keeping the aprons tied on

HOORAY! Two aprons sewn and completed and ready for wearing while making art! Or baking =)

My idea for these aprons is to have a batch of them for students who attend my workshops, whether the workshops are in my home studio or at outside venues, so no one will have to worry about getting nice clothes messed up...

I don't know about YOU, my fellow Beasts, but I have a horrible habit of wiping my hands on my legs when they get wet or dirty. If I happen to be wearing old jeans doing dirty work, this is not a problem but, usually, I am wearing my nice, fun, colorful clothes when I do creative work and getting my favorite skirts dirty with glues and paints is NOT GOOD!

While I love many types of aprons, I find that the best type of apron for me is one that is a full bib apron, meaning it has an upper bib to keep me clean from tip to toe...and pockets are always helpful so I can have my camera on hand to document my works in progress, or have my cell phone handy when anyone calls for a friendly chat...and a pocket to keep a few sweet treats to nibble while working never hurts!

This particular apron pattern is one I made from an old apron belonging to my Grandma Betty, who I named my old Etsy vintage shop after. She had a few aprons that I have made patterns from but this is my favorite apron to date, to make and to wear.

Now, I have three aprons for students to use, if we count the one completed before the start of this Mercury Retrograde:

There are plenty of fabrics in my stash to make a few more aprons to wear, but NO NEW PROJECTS can be started during a Mercury Retrograde, so that will have to wait for a few days since the last day of this retrograde is tomorrow, but there are still projects to be completed before tomorrow, so it's time I get cracking on some of those!

As for the hashtag I used for completing my unfinished and abandoned projects (#ProjectCompletion) it appears that someone else created and used that hashtag, but not for creative projects...guess I'll have to think of another hashtag to use for the next Mercury Retrograde period...

Maybe it can be #HabitOfCompletion, since that is what I am working on cultivating in my life??


Kathryn Hansen said...

I weirdly love aprons and that last and orange...SO cute Monica!!!

Deborah Weber said...

Studio aprons are a fabulous idea - and I love the ones you've created. And how fun you used your grandmother's apron as a pattern!

Kudos to you for using the Merc retrograde to tackle unfinished projects, and I'll be sure to play along with you next time around.