Monday, December 1, 2014

Reverb 2014 Starts with CERTAINTY...

My dear friend,
It's the last month of the year, which means it's time for me to do my annual reflecting on the year that was and the year I hope will be...luckily, I am participating in "Reverb14", hosted by Kat McNally of the blog "I Saw You Dancing" and after my time spent writing in August Moon, I can say for certain that magic WILL happen in the course of these next 21 days of journal writing.

And today's first prompt is this:

"What can you say right now with certainty?"

Here is what I can say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, and say it RIGHT NOW:

I am a highly CREATIVE being and I will ALWAYS be so.

I have been a creative since my childhood and I never really stopped.

There are many out there in the creative blogging world who have 'rediscovered' the joy of being creative and it both warms my heart to see so many people reconnect to Creative Joy and sometimes it makes me a little sad that they EVER abandoned this precious and vital part of themselves in the first place, all in the name of 'growing up'.

Creativity is our birthright and it is not to be abandoned. It helps the brain to stay alert and it 'turns out better people', a partial quote by Abraham Maslov*.

Creativity invites PLAY into our lives and we need to play as much as we need to work, in order to feel that we are contributing to the world at large in some way.

Creativity helps us to build strong self-esteem through the accomplishment of projects begun and completed and that self-esteem adds up to give us a source of inner strength that no one can really take away, but this inner strength is built up over years of practice in creativity, which I can also say with certainty.

I have been honing my creativity for many, MANY years and I can also say, with certainty, that it is not always an easy practice but it IS a rewarding one.

I have been thinking a lot about my creativity and how I wish to help others uncover the creative joy that is lying dormant within them.

I think about what I would say to encourage them to get started, what it was I did to keep going with my creativity long beyond the time that 'playing with crayons' passed...

The only thing I can think of when I reminisce about my own playing in creativity, whether by sewing myself a new rag doll, knitting little sweaters for them or drawing with my beloved Prismacolor pencils, I keep remembering a book I read** and a quote I took from it:

"You got to put your 'scairdness under your feet and stand on it"

And I have been doing just that, for preserving my creative impulse, among other things, ever since...

Can you try to 'put your scairdness under your feet' and begin to work your creative muscles?

Will you try?

* - You can find the whole quote on my "About Me" page

** - the name of the book, as I remember it, was called "Slave Girl" and it was through the Scholastic Books ordering program in schools; I can't find the book online since I don't remember the author, but I am going to try to locate this book!


Deborah Weber said...

And I can say with certainty that I indeed know you to be a highly creative being, and celebrate that you've built so much space in your life to express it. You are inspiring.

Hula La said...

Well I have no time to join you for "reverb", but I will try to visit as many as I can to follow your journey. As for me today, this lovely 1st day of December, I know for certain that I AM LOVED! And this moment, today, right now, is really all that matters, and it makes me smile:)

Kat McNally said...

I can add this with certainty: you are a kind and generous human being.
You were the first person ever to visit my blog all those years ago! You were my mentor and my cheer squad and you brought so much goodness into my life.
Thank you! And love.

Glenda Hoagland said...

excellent Post my friend. I am one of those creative souls that created sporadically. As I think now I do not thing I completely stopped, but my confidence wained over time and getting it back has been a real chore. Thank you for making me think and want to do more and believe more.