Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like Christmas...

So Reverb14 has come to a close and the holiday is just one sleep away...and it is starting to look festive in this new home of one year, compared to last year, after the exhausting work of moving 2 households into this new one.

Last year we barely put up my dear boyfriends tree on Christmas Eve and only used the lights that are installed with it, but this year I was determined to host a little 'housewarming' for some of our friends, in the hopes it would get some of the unpacked boxes opened and some of the clutter moved out...

I am happy to report IT WORKED! Our friends came out and enjoyed our little home for two and even my dear boyfriend enjoyed hosting a little gathering in our shared home. Here is a little peep into some of the changes wrought in our humble abode...

Usually the dining table looks like this when I'm using it as a 'work table':

But today, after our little gathering of friends, it looks like this:

And this is the corner where I'm often working at the dining table:

One of my 3 little holiday trees is a music box that plays 'White Christmas' when you turn the base of this adorable tree! The ornaments on it this year belonged to my Grandma Betty and the little snowmen were made by her but the hats were knitted by me!

Just so you know, our place was not perfect, as we still have art to hang and electronics to find a proper home for:

The second of 3 small trees I have waiting to be filled with mini ornaments, but it has a topper already!

We have a fireplace in our humble abode but when we moved in it got hidden behind our unpacked boxes, and sadly remained that way almost all year long, but we still had a little holiday cheer last year:

I've learned to store my Christmas goods in pretty decorative storage boxes, which can make for holiday decorating all by itself!

This is how we got our fireplace to look in time for our little housewarming:

My dear boyfriend unpacked a box containing the photo of FDR and we decided to frame it and keep it by the fireplace as if he is about to deliver one of his famous 'Fireside Chats'! And my cheerful snowman is smiling happily by the fireside...I do LOVE snowmen!

While I've made peace with the idea that my studio will always be a bit of a mess, I had my table cleared to share my book art projects made throughout this year and from previous years too:

If you look closely, you can see a holiday themed file folder book!

And here are a few other areas of holiday cheer to share:

My dear boyfriends 'Winter Solstice' tree, since he was not raised with Christmas. Last year we barely got it set up for Christmas Eve, but it was up just the same!

A special gift of the 'birdy bank' on display with other holiday decor...

***   ***   ***

Tomorrow is Christmas and I've been thinking a lot about what the season really means, particularly after reading at the blog of fellow Reverb14 participant Sweet Red Clover, who had some wonderful reflections on what this season has meant to her in the past and what it can mean for her in the future...

I have often shared my holiday story of a 'Christmas Without Presents', which I am linking to HERE, and I have been thinking of it a lot since reading Sweet Red Clover's post about not getting presents for birthdays or holidays, because instead of presents she received the gifts of Kindness and Giving, which have clearly stayed with her since her childhood and she means to continue with having the spirit of GIVING and GENEROSITY within her all year long...

And I realized that I share this 'Christmas Without Presents' story because it has inspired the values of GIVING and CREATIVITY in me...because of course, this story really happened, and it really happened to me when I was a little girl.

It is one of many things that have influenced me, how I live and how I approach my life and I revisit this story to remember the creative goodness of someone who cared enough to spend TIME and ENERGY creating a special letter for 3 little children to make sure they knew that the spirit of GIVING and GENEROSITY had not forsaken them.

And because of this gift of creative giving:

"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year"
- Charles Dickens, from A Christmas Carol

Thank you all for making time in your busy lives to stop by my blog and take a peek at the creativity I love to share here and may the spirits of CREATIVITY, GIVING and GENEROSITY be abundant in your lives!

"And God bless Us, Every One!"
Charles Dickens from "A Christmas Carol"

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