Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day Six of Reverb14 - Biting Back!

Oh, boy, oh boy!

Today's prompt for Reverb14, hosted by the wonderful Kat McNally, is a juicy prompt for the ages, which was provided by a fellow named Brad aka GeekinHard.

I might have to visit this Brad fellow to thank him for the opportunity to vent some long held rage and resentment toward some people I mentioned during this years round of August Moon, people I called 'fringe dwellers' in this post, then labeled more appropriately as 'narcissistic energy suckers' in this post.

I have been feeling some whisperings that writing out my rage and resentment and true feelings about these people might help me to purge these feelings from my psyche because, as I also mentioned in those blog posts, I can feel the rage and resentment blocking me in many ways.

And today's prompt is the opportunity for me to do just that!
(She said, grinning with glee!)

Here is what Brad has offered for us today:
 Despite our usually sunny dispositions and dedication to the practice of “assuming positive intent,” we all occasionally find ourselves having to deal with an incredibly unpleasant individual.
While I’m sure you always handle it with the tact and finesse for which you’ve become so well known, I’m going to ask you to step outside yourself for just a moment.

Think back to such a situation: if the gloves were off, how you really would have liked to have dealt with them?


As a Scorpio, my rage can be ugly and my tongue when unleashed can be full of foul language that I do NOT indulge on my blog! But I believe today's prompt has more than given me permission to indulge my 'biting back' fantasy...

 A doll I once made for a fellow co-worker to vent her rage with a frustrating superior!

Okay, you have been fairly warned - let the tongue lashing begin!


To the self absorbed lawyer with the stick of privilege and entitlement up his emotionally constipated ass:

How dare you bitch to the chef, who slaved for the past six hours cooking YOUR thanksgiving turkey, for arriving 20 minutes late for this ridiculous scene you call a 'family gathering'?!? That takes some balls, but being a man of privilege and entitlement, I guess you feel entitled to whine about it, never mind the fact that this AMAZING chef took so much time and love to prepare this incredibly JUICY and DELICIOUS turkey, and did it out of the kindness and love in his heart, for what I now see as an INCREDIBLY SELFISH FAMILY, to enjoy a delicious thanksgiving meal for a change, instead of the dry as sawdust turkey you've bought at your local deli for the past 5-10 years because no one could be bothered to make time to cook a turkey. The same dry as sawdust turkey everyone in YOUR SELFISH FAMILY has complained about for the same past 5-10 years but won't get off their lazy asses to do anything about, naturally, because it means a lot of WORK that very few people in the selfish family are willing to do.

I was not raised to be so rude to people who work hard to give me the gift of a delicious meal and being a witness to such behavior is not something I will stand for, which is why I no longer partake in your little ridiculous scene you call a 'family gathering', because if I EVER hear you whine about the amazing chef being late a few minutes for your precious bullshit family dinner ever again, I will take that turkey and shove it over your head so everyone can see you for what you REALLY are:

A stupid 'jive ass' turkey!!

To the phony 'nice girl' who is really a self absorbed, spoiled bitch with the stick of entitlement and privilege up her emotionally constipated and phony ass:

How dare you pretend to be a 'nice girl' when I see you for the phony, self absorbed, manipulating, lying, spoiled bitch you REALLY are??!? How dare you use someone else to convey your lame ass 'apologies' and 'gratitude' to me when you know damn well that you have put me out with your selfish behavior MORE THAN ONCE??!? But such cowardice to face me means you know what your behavior really is - straight up SELFISH! Your behavior has cost me time wasted that I will NEVER GET BACK and let me tell you, you spoiled bitch, if I had it to do over again, I would not waste ONE SINGLE MILLISECOND on you because spoiled selfish GIRLS like you do not deserve my precious valuable time.

Yes, I said GIRLS because this behavior is the realm of girls who are not GROWN ASS WOMEN who know how to take responsibility for their actions and feelings. Grown Ass Women do not whine about job opportunities they lost, and they do not drink themselves into a state where they can then act out in ways they would not dare to do when sober and Grown Ass Women do not take out their unhappiness and misery on other people because it's convenient, because GROWN ASS WOMEN know how to be in the moment with their feelings, good or bad, and use them PRODUCTIVELY and GROWN ASS WOMEN know how to take positive action to make things happen in their lives!*

I was not raised to be so rude to people who have taken time from their busy schedules to help me in a crisis and if I am ever given the opportunity, I will be more than happy to say to your face:

GROW UP, bitch!

The credo of spoiled, selfish, self-absorbed people!

To the self absorbed and pampered old woman with the stick of privilege and entitlement up her narcissistic ass:

How dare you scream such vile emotional vomit at me??!? Since your husband of 69 years passed away, all I have done is try to provide a 'service of solace' for you, what people of your faith call a 'mitzvah', and I have provided an ear to listen as you poured out your grief for losing your dearly beloved and a shoulder to cry on since most of the members of YOUR SELFISH FAMILY are too wrapped up in their own lives to visit you at the elderly home you now live in.  They barely call you and rarely visit but I make time to come out and give you MY PRECIOUS AND VALUABLE TIME so you don't have to suffer your grief alone.

And how do you repay me?

By throwing an ugly, hysterical fit when I suggest spending time with you alone on Christmas day, because you were unwell to spend it with YOUR SELFISH FAMILY, because you have this bizarre, mistaken idea that anyone in YOUR SELFISH FAMILY would actually miss my presence at that ridiculous scene you call a 'family gathering'
By calling me 'controlling' when I express my desire to move to a location that would bring me much joy and peace of mind
By pitching yet another ugly, hysterical fit on yet another Christmas (not to mention that thinly veiled curse you hurled my way!) when I chose to stay home because my very recent move into a new home was EXHAUSTING and I believed I deserved to spend the holiday in way that makes me happy for a change:

Away from selfish people who think that celebrating Christmas is about buying gifts that reflect the GIVER and not the recipient, naturally, since it is a family of SELFISH, SELF ABSORBED PEOPLE, who really don't understand some of the concepts of the holiday since they were not raised in this particular vein of faith.

I was not raised to be rude to my elders or to people who show me kindness and compassion when it is freely given to me and if I am ever given the opportunity, I will be more than happy to say to your face:
Because of your spoiled pampered behavior, YOUR SELFISH FAMILY is the way it is, so stop being surprised that no one comes to visit you in this elderly home. If you did not go out of your way to bring joy to your children or grand children as they were growing up, why should they go out of their way to make time to visit YOU?!? And 'controlling' people like you don't like people such as me who practice SELF CARE, which I do diligently, so that I can have the patience to give to selfish, self absorbed people like YOUR SELFISH FAMILY, even when they no longer deserve my patience, compassion or MY PRECIOUS VALUABLE TIME.

I have WAY BETTER things to do, places to see and people to be with who appreciate me, JUST AS I AM!

And I have just one last thing to say to you selfish, spoiled people:


***   ***   ***
Yes, I can see that I will absolutely have to visit Brad and thank him for this prompt! I feel much better now...thank you, my friend, for indulging me in this long needed venting of pent-up rage and resentment!

* - I will admit that sometimes Grown Ass Women (which I strive to be!) need to vent a little when things are not going as they hoped and they are struggling to make a creative career happen! ;)


Deborah Weber said...

Oh Monica - what an excellent good rant! I think you addressed a lot of sticks there. P.S. What a perfectly fabulous doll. Bite me indeed!

Tat said...

Love it! I'm glad you're feeling better. Your rants reminded me of a woman in the street that asked me to buy her a subway (which is not cheap!). When I bought her a 6-inch, what do you think she said instead of 'thank you'? 'Oh, but I wanted a footlong!'

karen wallace said...

Wonderful post. Love the doll!!! Hugs

Kat McNally said...

Oh Monica. Your rants made me smile! Not in a mocking or patronising way... I just found your energy so refreshing and could see your truthteller so clearly, meting out justice in the world. xx

Meredith Shadwill said...

First off: hurray, my fellow Scorpio! It's always nice to let that stinger come out every now and again. Second, I'm so glad you let these toxic people go. Everyone deserves happiness. Bravo to that chef for bringing a juicy, delicious turkey, no matter how timely its delivery was! Bravo to you for giving your time! I want to stand up and clap!