Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day Seven of Reverb14 - Show Your Self(ie)!

Today is Day Seven of Reverb14, hosted by Kat McNally of the blog I Saw You Dancing and if you wish to join in the writing fun, stop by to sign up and throw your hat in the ring HERE.

Today's prompt is this:

"Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2014, self-portrait or otherwise!"

For bonus points: make a montage of the selfies you have posted for the past four years or however long you have been participating in Reverb! #tbt (Throwback Thursday) photos also welcome.

I thought I had shown quite enough of myself in yesterday's blog post when I let out some long-held, pent-up rage and resentment, which felt great to vent I must say!

But this is about letting others see us in photographs, something that many people shy away from, but not me...

I am actually quite used to being photographed as my mother took a few photography classes as I was growing up and she frequently used me as her model for homework assignments. And my many years of studying ballet accustomed me to seeing how I fill the space around me and helped me learn how to assess what my body looked like when moving, what with all the dancing in front of a large mirror.

Though I do not have a decent camera phone, I have learned how to take a few selfies with my long-cherished and trusty pocket camera, which I have used to shoot virtually every photograph I have shared on my blog since the beginning.

With that said, here is a sampling of some photos I have shared on my blog in the past three years, taken by me or by others:

A pair of my favorite sneakers - they are getting quite beat up, but I still love them!

Me on my birthday about three years ago in a dress that was made for me - I've since figured out how to make dresses similar to this one but with more balanced symmetry and in silhouettes and colors I love!

Wearing a favorite hat for Halloween two years ago. I go as a 'modern day witch' with my variation on the theme as 'kooky witch'!

From a series of 'selfies' I took to use for my 'About Me' page on this of these days I WILL knit that yarn into a cowl!!

In one of my favorite costume 'rig-outs' for the local Renaissance Faire and, yes, I made my costume, the necklace I'm wearing and trimmed my hat!

Earlier this year, I completed this head kerchief and had to show it off, being a little silly in the process!

Me in front of the Huntington Library, a favorite place to be with gardens, art and BOOKS!

And finally, me after a trip at a local flea market this year, one of my favorite things to do!

I think you can get a sense of me through these photos ;)

Now that I've shown my 'selfie', I'm off to look at the selfies of the other participants of Reverb14!


Linda Stewart said...

What a lovely selection. Your creativity blows my mind. it is a gift to be able to see something and then make it your own through the creative process. I am in awe.

Deborah Weber said...

Oh what truly delightful pictures Monica! How fun to get a multi-faceted look at you in all your gorgeousness.


What a cutie you are! So creative with your wardrobe...and you exhibit such exuberance!

Kat McNally said...

You're so gorgeous, Monica!

Meredith Shadwill said...

I can't quite place it, but something about you looks familiar. I feel like I've seen you (or someone who looks remarkably like you) before. This internet is a remarkable place, isn't it? =)