Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day Nine of Reverb14 - Shades of Grey...

Today is Day Nine of Reverb14, hosted by the fabulous Kat McNally who blogs at I Saw You Dancing. Check out the Reverb14 page HERE to join along and journal to the amazing prompts as we journal our way out of 2014...it's YOUR CHOICE to journal publicly or privately, as we all journal our way out of 2014 and plan for the new year ahead...

Today's prompt is this:

As you enter into the new year, what would you like to do/make/have/be more often? How will you bear witness and celebrate the tiny milestones? How will you respond on the occasions when your intentions do not come to pass?

Now, it must said that Kat prefaced the prompt with her own musings, which I will now quote:

Like most humans, I tend to be a bit black and white in my thinking. I have “good” eating patterns or “bad” ones. I have a “good” day with feeding and settling my bambino or a “bad” one. I am “good” at keeping on top of domestic tasks, emails, blog posts, my twitter feed or I am “bad” at it.
As my journey deepens, I see that this way of thinking is not only unfair, it’s untrue and doesn’t allow much space for the quiet but amazing shifts that happen while I'm not not looking.

Aaahhh yes, I remember those days when I saw everything in black and white...it seems like it was just yesterday...

Oh wait! It WAS yesterday!! ;)

I wish I could say I was kidding, but some days, things STILL look black and white to me, but as I've grown older, and hopefully WISER, I do begin to see the oh so many shades of grey that fill the miles of spectrum between the dark black and bright white. But it seems that the prompt is really asking at something else with the question:

How will you bear witness and celebrate the tiny milestones?

All I've been seeing this past year is the bleak darkness of my lack of a steady income, yet if I only shifted my point of view a little bit, I could see how much I have to celebrate in accomplishments, something that I really need to focus on in the year ahead...hell, it's something I really need to incorporate as a daily practice, because if I let the minutiae of:

domestic tasks * emails * blog posts * twitter feed * pinterest boards * monthly mail art send outs (which I was woefully late on this month and beat myself up over, OF COURSE!) * Facebook posts for my artist page...
and on and on and on...

...take over my life it will seem as if I get NOTHING accomplished...but even the littlest things accomplished really do add up and it's time I start to see how much I really get done, whether large or small, whether geared to the home-front or geared toward my business or geared toward personal happiness and personal growth.

Yes, the idea of the accomplishment journal is looking like a must have on my list for 2015!

But let's look at another aspect of this prompt:

What would you like to
more often?

What a fun question! Hmmm, let me think...

Things I would like to DO more often:
Travel to my favorite places such as Ventura, The Huntington Library, South Pasadena farmers market, The Agoura Antiques Mart, bookstores, my favorite thrift shops

Things I would like to MAKE more often:
Recycled t-shirt dresses and skirts to wear, art-full jewelry for myself, hand bound books and journals I'd like to use for art journaling (or accomplishment recording!)

Things I would like to HAVE more often:
My favorite sandwich at my favorite French bistro, salads from Traders Joes, avacados, home baked chocolate chip cookies, lots and lots of HOT BUTTERED POPCORN!

OH! and MORE TIME to read books on my list, MORE TIME to make more hand-bound books and MORE TIME to make MORE ART!

Things I would like to BE more often:

BE organized in my studio
BE productive with my time
BE at ease with money
BE an inspiring creativity teacher
BE happier

As for the final aspect of this prompt:

How will you respond on the occasions when your intentions do not come to pass?

I think that instead of considering the possibility that the items on my lists might not come to pass, I will instead focus on what does to come to pass and celebrate those little moments as they are happening, because if this past year is any indication, focusing on what is not working doesn't make it magically start working better!

And as I've been learning, you get more of what you focus on =)


kafj said...

you get more of what you focus on

Oh my word, yes, so true. I remember last year, asking for love - overwhelming results!

Wishing you all good thigns!

Deborah Weber said...

I love your lists Monica. And I'm an absolute proponent of leaning into what you want (thereby leaning away from what you don't.) May 2015 bring a ton of wonderfulness to us all, and may we all receive it with open arms and delighted gratitude.

Christine Gautreaux said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! When I read your blog I know we are kindred spirits Monica. Yes to more time in our favorite thrift store and more time for our art!