Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day Four of Reverb14 - Conduits...

My participation in Reverb14 continues with today's prompt, given to us by Noël Rozny:

"We are all lightning rods, conduits for that which the Universe wants born into this world. What energies did you channel this year?"

But what, exactly, is a conduit? I think I need a little more information before I can address this prompt! And this entry for 'conduit', found at Merriam-Webster online, has more than one definition:

: a pipe or tube through which something (such as water or wire) passes
: someone or something that is used as a way of sending something (such as information or money) from one place or person to another

Well, I'm certainly not a pipe or a tube, but I get the gist of being someone that can send information to others, but I'm not sure I was channeling much of anything this year, except frustration about my studio space...

ALTHOUGH, I did teach my workshops this year and I guess I could say that I was finally a conduit for channeling the energy of creativity to others, but it doesn't feel like very much.

However, if I look elsewhere, I can see that my participation in my monthly Facebook mail art group, to help a fabulous, thoughtful gal and artist (who was a virtual stranger to me when I joined the group!) move into a more positive head space as she makes positive changes in her life, I can honestly say that I feel I have channeled some VERY GOOD POSITIVE ENERGY to another person and that feels really great to me...

I have also made another friend online, with the help of August Moon (Thanks Kat!) who I proposed a monthly mail art exchange as we get to know each other and provide support and accountability for our creative projects through weekly email correspondence.

It feels great to share my creative projects with kindred creative spirits and I enjoy sharing my experiences - good, bad and ugly - in my fledgling creative career with both ladies. I've always enjoyed sharing my experiences with others to help them avoid pitfalls I've encountered because I've always held this quote close to my heart:

"A wise man learns from his experiences, but a wiser man learns from the experiences of others"

I once mentioned here on my blog that I want to share how a creative career REALLY looks because I got fed up with always seeing 'shiny happy' blogs of completed projects and successful money-earning and moving to 'perfect destination homes'. These bloggers make a creative life look REALLY easy, but I can tell you from MANY years out here in the field that creating can be a BEAST!
  • Watercolor paints run into each other
  • Wax crayons break easily and they melt WHEN YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO!
  • Glue gets stuck to your skin, hair or clothes
  • Acrylic paints can dry on your brush and ruin them
  • Fellow art students might 'borrow' your brushes when you aren't looking and not clean them out properly, also ruining them (don't ask!)
  • Painted papers warp and can be hard to flatten
  • Ink spray holes can get blocked and fixing them can make the spray go everywhere than where you want it (sometimes spraying right back on YOU!)
  • Cutting boards can permanently warp if left in a heated car (don't ask!!)
  • Delicate stencils can break if you clean them too hard
  • Moving to a new home can throw your schedule AND your creativity out of whack (even if you ARE moving to an exotic location!)
  • A cluttered studio will ALWAYS be frustrating
  • Nice clothes get ruined by paint splatters or wiping your sticky glue or paint encrusted hands onto your jeans (ALWAYS WEAR AN APRON WHEN CREATING, EVEN WHEN SEWING!)
  • You WILL inevitably prick your fingers if working with pins and needles - trust me, there is NO getting around this one!
  • Sharp blades of any kind can cut deep enough to require surgical glue or stitches (don't ask!)
  • Hands and fingers WILL get burned using a glue gun OR baking with the oven...but at least there are oven gloves for baking!
  • Getting the sap of the milkweed plant in your eyes can damage them but there are GARDENING GLOVES so use them*! (this is a shout out to my fabulous long distant sewing client who made a milkweed reference earlier this week!)

And the list of unpleasant things that can happen while being creative can go on and on...

Now, while I do try to keep my creative doings upbeat here, sometimes the beast of it all gets to me and I have to growl about it...

But hopefully YOU, my friend, will learn from my experiences and mistakes so you do not have to recreate them to learn and you can move faster in your creative projects.

And sometimes, a crazy creative mistake can turn into a great story...but I'm just not feeling that funny story today ;)

* - One day, I will share my 'Monarch Butterfly Odyssey' and the 'emergency milkweed runs' I made as my dear boyfriend and I tried to cultivate some caterpillars into Monarch butterflies - now THAT was a learning curve! ;)


Deborah Weber said...

Love that quote - and I'm happy to use both your good and bad experiences to grow. And I most definitely appreciate your desire to honestly reflect what a creative life looks like. What's that quote about too many bloggers blowing sunshine up each others skirts? A little growling helps keep things real.

I look forward to hearing your milkweed tale!

Kat McNally said...

Seems to me that you are a conduit for wisdom and inspiration... and a genuine care for others. (No surprises there!) xx