Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 17 of Reverb14 - Don't Be An A$$hole...

Today is Day 17 of Reverb14, hosted by the lovely Kat McNally who blogs at I Saw You Dancing. Check out the Reverb14 page HERE to join along and journal to the amazing prompts as we journal our way out of's YOUR CHOICE to journal publicly or privately, as we all journal our way out of 2014 and plan for the new year ahead...

Today's blog title is a BOLD one indeed! But when you learn what is behind today's prompt, given to us by Summer Pierre, it will certainly make more sense, so please read on to what Kat had to say about today's Reverb14 prompt:

 Apologies for the slightly controversial subject line! I stole it with love (and kind permission) from my friend Summer Pierre’s absolutely brilliant comic of the same title.  

I love the way she realises how hard she has been on her ideas, and how little room she has given them to play, make mistakes and evolve.

How can you stop being an a**hole, get out of your own way and make room for more of your magic to happen in 2015?

Well, I sure do know a little something about being hard on my creative ideas, in fact I'm pretty hard on myself for just about everything, but so many of us are, aren't we?

But the question posed here today on how I can stop getting out of MY OWN WAY to make more room for more of MY MAGIC to happen in 2015, hits the nail on the head in one way that I can think of:

I need to stop being so resentful of certain people in my life who don't even give a shit about me, and if you've read my 'biting back' post about them, it's pretty clear who the a$$holes are in this picture...

I have gotten stuck in my resentment about these people, who are not even related to me, due to their behavior, which I'm realizing is SO SELF CENTERED, it's not even about me! But I've let their selfishness get my goat and the lingering rage and resentment I begin to feel when presented with just the prospect of being in their presence is really wasting my precious energy and I really feel that this resentment  has been blocking me from the financial abundance I've been struggling with for the past few years.

Of course it's easy to say that its time to stop letting the a$$holes push my buttons by the very mention of them, but it's something else to really be able to let it all go so I can skip along my merry way and do the work I need to do in MY LIFE...

But it does make me wonder:

Am I really an a$$hole if I let REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS A$$HOLES get to me?? ;)

One other way I can 'stop being an a$$hole' and get out of my own way, is to start acting on the many creative ideas for online workshops I've had sitting on the back burners.

I know I have a lot of experience and expertise to share with others who are just starting to tread the path of creative expression, and its high time I begin to share all of it and its high time I begin to start creating little videos to share here on my blog so folks can stop by for some knowledge or inspiration or a creative idea to start their day.

It's time for me to begin sharing these ideas, even if its done 'imperfectly' with a messy creative studio, bad camera work and bad editing, but at least I'll be sharing my ideas and expertise in a way that I know is more immediate and accessible for others...

...and that is certainly worth something, isn't it??


Deborah Weber said...

This is a big and brilliant insight Monica - I can literally feel how expansive the energy is when you consider letting go of the resentment. It's like you've simply snipped those cords with your trusty sewing shears and danced away.

And yes, yes, yes to sharing your expertise more widely next year. In messy imperfection that encourages play and exploration and fun, fun, fun!

Kat McNally said...

I agree! Let a_holes be a_holes. You've got much better things to be doing with your time.
One of the things I've realised is that giving a_holes my mental energy doesn't change anything and it certainly doesn't change them (I mean, it's not like they notice or are grateful or, heaven, forfend, change their ways!). So this year, I'm taking my time and energy back!

Sweet Red Clover said...

I don't think it makes you an a-hole to let the true a-holes get to you...I think it probably makes you a person with a sense of's hard to watch jerkery going unpunished. (At least for me it is!) Besides, if you were truly an a-hole, you'd never say it (or even contemplate it)...they always view themselves as perfect...that, my friend, is the mark of a true a-hole! :) But, as you reminded me so sweetly, these people are only capable of being the way they are...and as a friend of mine likes to remind me: they have to live with their miserable selves for the rest of their it completely sucks to be them! They're just stuck in their a-hole loop for the rest of time!

You, on the other hand, are sweet and very talented (I LOVE the doll you shared in your venting post!). Which means you are capable of doing so much more than letting the bastards drag you down! I highly suggest taking any anger and resentment towards you feel towards the wiener faces around you (which takes a lot of energy, doesn't it?) and funnel it into your creative plans for the future! That's a much better use of that energy. So, choose your path and if those jerks get in the way, use their faces as stepping stones! (I feel the need to laugh maniacally now...bwa-ha-ha!)

Also, I just wanted to add really quick, thanks for all the kind comments you've left on my blog! You make my day with your insights and I appreciate it so much! <3<3<3

queasypeasy said...

Getting a handle on resentment when you have to be in the ones who provoke it is difficult but I don't think it makes you an a**hole. I think it makes you human. Looking forward to the creative teaching videos. Great idea. I've learned so much from other's over the years with these on-line tutorials. Thank you.