Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My 10 Inspiring Items

In my last 'letter' to you, my friend, I wrote about Amelia Critchlow's fun series "21 Free Creativity Tips and Ideas", which I'm getting in my email and the first tip was a fun one:

'Collect 10 items that are visually inspiring for you'

This was what I collected while going through my creative studio:

Today I thought I'd write to you about just what it is about these items that I love and what connects them, if there are any connections...but I have a funny feeling that there WILL be connections!

I thought I'd group a few items from the larger group to smaller groups, and this grouping I call "rustic vintage":

This group of items include a vintage cigar box with crumbling paper, a jar of vintage laces and trims and a hat made from burlap fabric with a scrap of tea-dyed silk tied to decorate it.

This group of items certainly has VINTAGE in common, and vintage is something I love: vintage laces, buttons and trims are always sought out when I make a trip to a flea market and I love the look of rustic faded things, such as the paper of the cigar box and the holes beginning to appear in my burlap hat.  I do get inspired when I look at these things in my studio space...

Other things that inspire me are BOOKS, especially art-full, handmade ones:

The 3-dimensional book is made by me using a variety of papers, many of them VINTAGE! The other book was made FOR ME by a lovely woman who wanted to show her appreciation of a giveaway gift she received from me. The journal she made includes some vintage papers and LOTS OF COLOR, which I love...I do plan to add to this journal one day, but it give me so much delight to look at the pages, just as they are!

What else inspires me visually? Here is peek at that:

COLOR inspires me a great deal and here are two items that inspire me when I look at them - a VINTAGE set of water-COLORS and an old set of mini-pencils. The watercolor paints were given to me many years ago as a gift but I felt too intimidated to use them at the time. However, they were so beautiful to look at that I kept them and kept them and I eventually began to use this set about 2 years ago. It feels special to use this old set of watercolor paints with my creative projects.

The set of mini-COLOR pencils I bought at an old Woolworths store over two decades ago, which I guess makes this set of pencils VINTAGE! The box eventually began to fall apart from frequent handling so I made a linen and cotton pencil holder for them. I love that they are small enough to carry with me, if I choose to bring some art supplies whenever I'm out on a trip, and I also love the carry case I made with linen and cotton fabrics.

Here is another visual inspiration:

Leaves collected on my many morning walks, which I gather and save to dry for use in nature-based projects, or possibly to be assembled into a 'hortus siccus'* one day...these items speak to my love of NATURE and TREES.

And finally these last items in my collection of visual inspiration:

COLOR-full fabric of linen/cotton blend with embroidered COLOR-full FLOWERS made into a head kerchief, something I've been wearing lately to keep my hair out of my eyes! Also, an inspiration card given to me, featuring a FLOWER in rustic tones...

While looking at this grouping before receiving the next creativity tip, it dawned on me that there are some connections among these items and there are themes that stand out for me:


I think there is a message here that I need more of these items in my life to keep me in a cheerful outlook...but we will see what might come of gathering these inspiring items and what creative projects might emerge from them as the "21 FREE Creativity Tips & Ideas" continues. Be sure to stay tuned and see what happens!

* - I learned of the concept of the 'hortus siccus' while watching this movie starring Ewan McGregor . The example of the 'hortus siccus' and planning of a large garden quite grabbed my attention - not to mention Mr. McGregor's handsome face! ;)

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Kathryn Hansen said...

What a fun idea!!

I had to laugh when you mentioned Woolworths as my father was an executive with that company in WI, which was awesome because we use to get boxes and boxes of all their merchandise when he came back from his Chicago conferences!! It was like Christmas 3 times a year!!