Friday, August 15, 2014

Coming Out of the Closet and Other August Moon Prompts...

Today I am tackling more writing prompts from Kat McNally's August Moon writing series and I am excited about the first one today:


This prompt is asking us to delve into our closets and get curious about the personalities we find in them and I couldn't be more excited about writing on this prompt!

In the email I received from Kat, she asks the question:

"What's hiding in your closet?"

Well, as a book lover, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I have BOOKS in my closet...

But they are not just any books - they are books about STYLE. They are books about how to wear clothing that suits your figure. There are books on how to use accessories and books on how to look for fabulous second-hand clothing, whether true vintage or just great clothes for less at your local thrift shop, something I've done all my life...

Individual style is something I've aimed for all my life, and costumes are something I've always had an affinity for, so many items in my closet have a hint of costume, or Fashion History, about them.

I was never one for trends, though I kept my eye on what was happening, but I've always been drawn to clothing with a history, whether it was vintage or second-hand clothing, and with my love for vintage things I began to accrue a collection of wonderful vintage hats, with a few contemporary ones, followed by a love of whimsical handbags, which turned into a collection of its own!

Now, I have written about my background in Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting here before but what you don't know is that I really studied pattern drafting so I could make myself better fitting garments and costumes!

I also had problems with ready-to-wear due to my figure being a small height frame with larger than usual breasts. Due to this problem, I began to find advice for how to dress for my figure to enhance it, since wearing billowing large tops only made me look pregnant! This is where my collection of books on STYLE and FASHION began to form.

With the advice from my style books and my skills in design and patterns, I've crafted a fun wardrobe for myself that makes me happy to look at as well as wear...and what I tend to wear are lots of SKIRTS!

I don't wear pants or shorts very often, and I save jeans for cooler weather, preferring to wear boots with my skirts in cold weather.

I have many t-shirts for my skirts since they stretch over my larger than usual breasts - button-up tops just don't look good on me and the buttons always gap.

I wear flats most of the time, but have a few heels for holiday 'dress-up'!

I love dresses, but it's hard to find ones that fit well, so lately I've been making dresses using recycled t-shirts and I've been having a lot of fun making them!

These days, I do lean toward classic silhouettes, without a lot of frippery, but spice up the outfits by using colors and textures in my fabrication. If I find myself wearing a 'traditional silhouette' outfit, then I add visual interest with my accessories of scarves, jewelry, hats or handbags...or a combination of all of the above!

And I check in at two favorite blogs to get "outfit inspiration" regularly:

The Sartorialist always inspires me with how others use clothing as a means of creative expression

Advanced Style is ALWAYS inspiring me with how the older generation still takes the time to 'dress-up'...and it gives me hope that I will still look fabulously stylish as I get older!!

Looking into my closet I see color, texture, pattern and a touch of whimsy, never forgetting that one should always have fun getting dressed to face the day, whatever comes!

Lately though, since I spend most of my time doing work at home, I don't have the opportunities to 'dress-up' and it saddens me. I spoke about this with a dear friend from my days of costume work and she reminded me of the fun it is to get dressed. I even spoke about this with my life coach Pete and he also reminded me that its okay to get 'dressed-up' JUST FOR ME, even if no one else see it.

So that is something I am planning to do more of in the weeks to come, or at least to figure out a fun and colorful 'uniform' to wear while working at home, which leads me to the next prompt...


The next prompt from Kat is this:
"what would your perfect work day be like? the work itself does not need to be could be your craft, hobby, the way you tend to family..."

I've come across variations on envisioning the "ideal day" for work or life. I often have a hard time writing these things out because I have many variations on what would make an 'ideal' work day, but I can put my finger on a few key elements of what an ideal work day would look like for me:
  • Hosting a workshop with enthusiastic students who are eager to learn creative techniques
  • Creating some unique and art-full books that will be bought by excited customers
  • Having several sewing students I can pass along all my sewing knowledge to
  • Having a sewing project that is fun for me to work on and makes the client happy when completed
  • Touching base with blog buddies near and far
  • A delicious lunch in the company of creative friends
  • A quiet afternoon reading in my comfy chair and having a little nap!
  • An evening spent with my dear boyfriend whether having dinner at home or at a favorite restaurant
Looking at this list, I can see that an ideal work day involves both time spent with people and time spent doing work in solitude. It also involves helping others with creativity by teaching them or making something for them.

I definitely know an ideal day means not having to drive in traffic!! ;)

Reading this list makes me feel happy and excited, which leads me to the next prompt...


The actual August Moon prompt is this:
"what are the signs that you are on fire? Erm, not literally! What I mean to say is how does it feel in your body when something gets you going?"

Let me share something that happened yesterday:

I decided I would spend some time playing with my rubber stamps to make some decorative envelopes for mailing things. I began to get excited as I was choosing the stamps and the colors of ink I would use. I had a fun animated film playing in the background that has fun, energetic music in the soundtrack. Playing with the rubber stamps while having energetic music on made me FEEL LIKE DANCING!

With other activities like sewing or making books, I do not have that dancing feeling, but that is because its hard to dance and sew or glue covers at the same time!

But with all my creative activities, I can definitely say that the predominant feeling is one of FOCUS and INTENT...

...and with the focus and intent comes ACCOMPLISHMENT...

...and the accomplishment achieved always makes me feel happy...

...and PROUD.

***   ***   ***

Many thanks to the participants of August Moon for leaving such lovely and encouraging comments on my INTENTION post! I'm enjoying reading what others have been writing so far and you can too by checking in at Kat's blog to see who's linked their contributions. You can also join the fun and receive the prompts in your email by signing up HERE. You can write publicly or privately, it's your choice!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is my first visit - I love what I am reading here. Fashion hasn't been an interest of mine until recently, mostly because I do not have a usual modelesque body and never felt attractive. Now I realize (finally, in my early 50's!) when I feel attractive I will become more attractive. I have been experimenting with clothes from Gwynnie Bee and love it!

I also clicked through to your sewing patchwork dress - would love to see how it turned out.

Happy #augustmoon2014.

If you would like to see my posts, you may find them on my blog Julie Unplugged. Great to "meet" you!

kafj said...

Dancing, focus, intent, accomplishment and pride - yes!

I never thought of putting fashion books in the wardrobe, but that makes perfect sense.

Cindy said...

Yes, focus and intent are on my signs of being in the groove. I can lose track of time and just keep working!

Kat McNally said...

From rubber stamping to dancing... that is so very YOU Monica! I love it. xxx