Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Project - 'The Garden Patio' Mini-Accordion Book

Hello Dear Blog!
Though I have some sewing work to complete today, I thought I'd take a quick moment to visit with you and share one of the many book projects I was working on during my absence...

While I was away preparing the supplies to teach my "This & That Journal" workshop, I thought of a way to use up some of the paper scraps left after cutting the book pages. These scraps were long and slim, but not the right measurement to cut into postcard size.

At this time, I was using some card scraps to make notes about items that were needed to make the garden patio look nice and colorful, as my dear boyfriend and I began to focus attention on this part of our new home together:

 There are other photos of our sweet garden patio I've shared in previous Sunday Snippets posts...

That's when it struck me that I could make a pocket-size accordion book to keep the notes of what was needed for our patio garden and have a handy-dandy list I could tuck into my purse or pocket AND it could be fun and colorful with sweet little sketches:

A mini-accordion book is born!

Here is how my 'Garden Patio Note Book' turned out with a few details on the construction and embellishment:

After folding the strips of poster board into a mini-accordion book, I thought I would dip-dye them in some old tea* that I keep for this purpose.

Then I began to use some rubber stamps from my collection to embellish the pages before adding my notes to the pages:

 The leaf stamp you see on the right page is one I made using a pink eraser...

Using the back and front sides is just enough pages to contain all my notes and little sketches which I painted with watercolors:

A layout of the dimensions of the garden patio that includes orientation - the sun rises in our garden patio!

Of course, I had to add some notes about how this little book was made, a 'forward page' if you will, that includes a date-stamp of completion:

Then I added a bit of cotton yarn that was also tea-dyed so the book can be closed when not in use. Now this little book is tucked into my purse when my dear boyfriend and I head out to look for items to add to our sweet garden patio!

Book cover made using a set of small alphabet stamps along with some leaf and flower rubber stamps filled in with watercolor paints

I had so much fun making this little book that I made another one with a different theme, but I will wait to share more about that book for another day...

My "Little Book of Heart Desires", a place to keep track of the little things my heart desires, usually art supplies!

Well, my dear, I hope you like this little accordion-style book. I don't often work in the straight-forward accordion-style book form, but making these sweet little versions was a lot of fun and I'm inspired to make more! It's fun to make a little book to keep notes or secrets in...

In the meantime, I must return to my sewing work but I will be back again to share another book project or maybe to share more photos of the garden patio. There are some exciting things happening in it these days!

Thanks for taking the time to read my scribblings for today and I hope you are making time to create something fun for yourself =-)

* - I have a stash of teas I use for dyeing fabrics or papers. LYONS GOLD BLEND is a favorite because it creates a lovely antique look, like that of parchment paper, but I use it sparingly since it's generally an imported tea and it doesn't come cheap!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

I know I sound like a broken record but your creativity and skills just keeps growing...these little books are wonderful!!