Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Constant Companion

My Dear Blog,
Today is our 5-year anniversary...can you believe that we have been collaborating together for 5 years ??!?

When I wrote my first words of intention, I had no thought of how long you would be in my life, especially since I was so shy about starting to write about my creative adventures at all, but I am so happy I finally chose to jump in and share my creative adventures with you here.

Because of you, I have met many wonderful creative adventurers through so many blogs, and some of them I've even met in person! I have forged some wonderful online friendships through our collaboration together...

A few weeks ago, I found and read this post about online friendships and it made me think of what we have been doing here for the past 5 years, while making me reflect on how some of my 'real-time' relationships have been waning, but you, Dear Friend, have been ever constant, whether I stop to visit and share my creative pursuits or not...
  • You are here when I share about my challenges in creativity and you are here during my struggles in creating a self-sustaining creative career.
  • You are here even when I leave for weeks or months a time, patiently waiting for my return.
  • You allow me as much time and space needed to share my creative pursuits, letting me blather on for as long as needed to get it all out.
  • You allow me the space to vent my frustrations when things are not going as well or as quickly as I would like them to.
  • You allow me the space to continue forging a creative career, free of judgement, free of criticism, free from advice to follow the well-trod path of corporate life.
  • You allow me to be ME, whatever that is, day or night.

And I want to say Thank You, dear friend, for being here as I share my creative life with you and I thank the many others who stop by to take a peek at what is being shared here.

It has been a wonderful 5 years walking the creative path with such a constant companion as YOU...

And I hope this collaboration continues for 5 times 5 more art-FULL years to come!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

Happy 5 year anniversary!!! It seems like you and your blog are very happy together!! ;) Wishing you many, many more successful and fun years together!!!

Amelia said...

Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by the blog. I've just been catching up over there on replying to my comments from posts new and older!

I love this post. So touching and so true. I love writing the blog and it's a constant and always there even if we go quiet.

Keep up the great journey fellow-creative :)