Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog Post #600

My Dear and Beloved Blog,
I am sorry it's been so long since my last blog post. As I've shared with you here, I've been struggling as I work toward launching a creative career and an event I hinted at in my last post was nearly the last straw, but taking time to prepare for the new workshop I created and taught turned into a longer period of time-off than I expected, but I can tell you it was much needed...

Not only was that new workshop offering well received, there was another work opportunity to share my love with book-making in partnership with City Hearts, the non-profit I have been connected with for a few years now. It was a fun opportunity and it was also a PAID opportunity!

I can tell you that while I have been away I have not been idle, to say the least, even when I came down with a sinus infection after all the excitement of teaching. In fact, here is a sampling of what I've been up to since I last came to visit with you:

My workshop with Sew Topanga called "This & That Journal":

Scraps were flying as students created their own "This & That Journal"...

A student decides to embellish the inner covers of her book...

Working with City Hearts during their annual Shakespeare Challenge:

Another table with scraps flying - this time they were paper scraps for book-making...

A young student creating collage on paper to make their French-fold book

A colorful collection of French-fold books made by students throughout the day - they all loved this project!

Projects in Process that were begun during my time-off:

Covering a 'This &That" demo book for completion - I might sell this in my Etsy shop this summer!

Making a new gratitude journal since filling up the journal I made - this one is an altered notebook...

FINALLY binding the signatures for my Shabby Scraps Journal - I added a tie closure and might make a special 'book bag' for this book...

Some tea-dyed mini-books to use for making lists or for reference while looking for things to decorate the 'garden patio' in my new home - these books can tuck into my pocket!

Turning some treasured mailed greeting cards into more 'mini-books' - a nice way to recycle those special mailed cards and make them useful...

Returning to a file folder book project I began a few years ago - this one is a Christmas theme book that I added some envelopes to. This lead to a renewed interest in File Folder Books...

Playing with the File Folder Book form to make an accordion-style book - this version will have 3 signatures instead of 2 and more surface for playing with paper collage...more of this new book form will be shared soon!

There will now be 2 tag pockets on each side of this 'accordion-style' file folder book

And there is one more French Fold book workshop I'll be teaching at LA Valley College, and a new book workshop I've proposed that is in process for the Fall session...

Yes, I've been pretty busy, despite my 'time-off'. I just haven't made time to share these doings with you, my dear blog, and I feel badly for leaving you out of all this creativity. I've thought many times of sharing it with you, but I've held back because sharing all this creative goodness means we are creating our 600th blog post together, and I felt this wonderful collaboration should be celebrated in a special way...

While I've been busy creating things, I've been thinking very hard about how to celebrate this 600th blog post we are making together. I considered a giveaway to make a one-of-a-kind gift for a special winner, but it didn't feel quite right to giveaway only one thing to one winner. I really want to celebrate this 600th blog post with all the readers who stop by to read what is shared here with you, my dear blog. So I thought I would make a coupon code for my Etsy shop to offer all my dear blog readers a discount on goods in the shop. However, the shop is a little sparse right now as I have been working on creating workshops, rather than working on creating goods to sell. I think it would be good to have the coupon last for awhile, so I can begin to stock up some goods in my shop for my dear readers to get excited about...

In the meantime, I realized that I actually have quite a few Japanese stab-stitch books that I never got around to photographing for my shop! I do not plan to continue making these particular books, so instead of photographing them to create new listings, I think that my dear blog readers deserve a special treat - they buy one stab-stitch book and they get one for free and this will last for the duration of the discount coupon - this will be a special deal for my blog readers since there are a limited supply of these Japanese stab-stitch books available. And I just might throw in a few extra goodies in each order to keep the celebration going:

Japanese stab-stitch books packaged for a BOGO deal in my Etsy shop - the second book has been chosen to go nicely with the book you order!

A simple book marker will be tucked into all coupon orders, along with...

...some one-of-a-kind mail art made using my photography to create special envelopes with blank note cards for writing a special message to your recipient!

And now for the details of this celebratory coupon code:

600POSTS is the coupon code to receive 30% off all orders of $10 or more

  • The code is good starting TODAY and will last until MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 - that is a total of 63 days!
  • The coupon code will close at 12:00pm PST
  • The coupon is good for everything that is now in the shop, which includes the BOGO Japanese Stab Stitch books*, and for all goods and supplies that will continue to be listed as I add supplies to sell and some of my sample books as I work out some new book-making ideas
  • This coupon code is good for all blog readers, Facebook page followers and email newsletter recipients - don't worry, it's not a huge list! ;)
  • I respectfully request that you NOT share this coupon code with others since this is made only for my readers to celebrate 600 blog posts

***   ***   ***
Well, my dear and beloved blog, I hope that my extended absence is now forgiven. I will try to make my visits more frequent and share more details about the Projects in Process I have given you some peeks of. It does feel as if my projects are not quite completed until I make time to share them with you, my dear blog. I hope you are glad that I am back because I am happy to be back sharing my creativity with you again!

* - The BOGO Japanese stab-stitch books are available to readers until supplies last; in the event that there are still book pairings left after the coupon code expires, the BOGO will be made public in my Etsy shop

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Lucia Sasaki said...

Thanks for updating, I loved your post, the pictures of your products (mainly the books) are beautiful.
I hope that you can prosper in your crafter and teacher career.
I work as librarian and I make some blank books and marbled papers at night or weekends.
Thanks again!!