Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blog Post #599....

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
It feels like it's been forever since my last post, but its really only a little more than a week. It probably feels like forever because that last Friday was NOT a good one...

I will not bore you with the gory details, especially since it's not a day that I am even ready to discuss with my dear boyfriend, for fear I will start screaming and never stop! I might be in a place to talk about that day later down the road, but here is hint of what transpired:

Suffice to say that my lack of support, lack of money and lack of art-full community were greatly highlighted on this day. Happily, time spent in the company of fabulous and art-full women took place 2 days later, so my faith in Life and Art are now restored! ;)

And of course, some lessons were learned and they are still being processed as I move forward in my life, continuing to carve out a creative career for myself, and these lessons will be shared eventually when I have sorted them out and considered how to act on them...

In the meantime, I am thinking of ways to generate an art-full community, which looks like it may have to begin online, rather than in real-life/real-time. But in my quest for more art-full community, I made time to participate in the Inspirational Card Deck Swap, hosted by Jessica Brogan:

In the face of my recent struggles and challenges, I began to remember my 3 core values of BOOKS, ART and FRIENDS/COMMUNITY, which I discovered a few years ago and shared here. I realized that it is time for me to re-focus on those values to bring back some joy in my life...and that is where the deck swap came in!

In spite of some important prep I needed to do for the fair event I participated in last week, I made time to honor my values and to complete the 12 cards required for this years deck swap with the theme "Found Poetry". A rather fitting theme since April is National Poetry Month!

I began with a deck of cards I'd actually purchased for this use, a few months before the announcement of the current swap. I found this deck in a local second-hand store and loved the design on the back of the cards. I got this deck for mere pennies!

I glued the 12 cards required for the swap to a sheet of scrapbook paper from a paper stack I recently purchased at a discount store, also for mere pennies. I was lucky there was a design that already had a 'collage' on it - it cut my creating time in half:

Then I went through my collection of second-hand books to find some type that wasn't too small to work with and I began to look for words and phrases to use for my deck. It was a LOT of fun and I managed to create 12 little works of 'found poetry'. Here is one of them:

'her stories are written, the truth is told. They filled the sky'

I had so much fun making 'found poetry' I just might keep playing with this 'word-play' for a few more projects...

As for creating an art-full community, I am still working my idea to host a 'monster swap' of some kind, to help me get my own monsters out of my head and let them mutate into a 'cute character' as they get sent to a new home. But for now, I am preparing to teach a new workshop at a new venue in less than 2 weeks:

I am so excited about this workshop and the venue it will take place in called Sew Topanga, located in Topanga Canyon. The woman in charge of Sew Topanga is a long-time colleague I met through my days at my old office job and one of my contacts at City Hearts, where I have donated works of art for their annual fundraisers. Her name is Jane and we have long talked about me teaching her students and now it has finally come to fruition!!

Jane's sewing studio in Topanga Canyon is not large, so spaces for this workshop are limited, but it is a fun bright cheerful sewing space and Jane is a lot of FUN to be around!

And she also makes the BEST cup of tea, EVER, but that is probably because she is from England and they all know how to brew a proper cuppa! ;)

***   ***   ***

Of course, prepping for this upcoming workshop means some time of 'cocooning' to prepare the supplies needed for this workshop, so I will not be posting much unless I post for Sunday Snippets.

However, I also realize that my next post will be my 600th blog post and that calls for a celebration of some kind...I'm not sure what that 'celebration' will look like yet, but be sure to stay tuned because you won't want to miss it!!