Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Bird in the Hand" - Part 1

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I am so excited to reveal the pages from my artful book "Bird in the Hand" made at An Artful Journey Retreat in late February/early March.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the book contains 2 signatures made of 12 pages each, making a total of 24 pages, but in actuality, 48 pages of artful goodness. The covers are made of canvas board and painted, with fabric 'endpapers' glued to the inside cover and a special wrap of scraps and muslin enclosing the 2 signatures.

The construction of this book took a lot of time and it was not finished for the Show and Share on the last day, but I DID make sure to have my book completely bound before the night was over, so I could head home with a finished project.

There are a lot of pages and some details to show you, over 60 photos in all! It's a LOT of photos to share in just one blog post, so I will be portioning the photos of this book in another series of blog posts, with this post being the first. I will let the photos speak for themselves with only a little narration here and there.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's dive in!

Bird in the Hand - Covers, Spine and Endpapers

I really enjoyed adding texture with gesso for the book covers!

Book Pages From Signature #1 - Old Papers, New Papers

Let me share a little bit about this opening page of my book...

I mentioned that I didn't have enough paper to cut the 24 pages needed to make this book, and I contacted DJ Pettitt to see if I could utilize some old watercolor paintings I found among my grandmother's things. This page is one of the pages cut down from a larger watercolor painting that you can see being cut down in this blog post. There are a few more such pages in this book and I will point them out as we go...but for now, here are a few more images:

The lace used here was tea dyed the day before I left for the retreat!

Lace, silk scraps and painted muslin, juxtaposed to create a folio for the signature...

I will share more photos from this first signature of pages so be sure to stay tuned for more art book goodness!


planettreasures said...

Wow! I love it.
I'd love to do something like this one day.

Gill said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Glenda Hoagland said...

This is stunning, love that you are making a series out of showing the book. Cannot wait for more.