Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Artful Journey Travel Diary - The Last Entry...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
It's taken a little time and work but I finally photographed ALL the pages of my "Bird in the Hand" book that I made at An Artful Journey.

The workshop was a wonderful learning experience and I've been applying some of the techniques I acquired toward other new artful books, which I'll be sharing soon. However, I want to share one last story of my Artful Journey before sharing my book pages...

A Surprise Meet-Up!
There was only the last breakfast on the very last day before I would hit the road to head home and there was still a surprise in store for me, practically at the last minute!

I met this lovely lass, who came all the way from England to participate in one of the workshops, but it seems we already had a previous connection - mail art!

Me with Tracey Williams - I was EXCITED when I learned she sent me one of my all time favorite mail art postcards!

One year, while participating in the Great Big Stitched Post Card Swap, I received a lovely postcard from England. I REALLY love this postcard and have been meaning to tuck it into one of my art journals or use it in a special art book I will eventually make for myself...

I had been crossing paths with Tracey Williams throughout the weekend at An Artful Journey, but we didn't have time to actually introduce ourselves until the last morning at breakfast. She told me that she had made and sent my beautiful mail art card and I got SO EXCITED, I had to get a photo of us both. It seems I was so excited I couldn't hold my camera still enough for a shot that wasn't blurry - OOPS!

At the time I received my beautiful postcard, Tracey did not have a blog, but she now has a marvelous website where you can view much of the work she created while working toward her BA, specializing in Surface Design and Textiles. If you look through her portfolio page, you will definitely see her style of work, as evidenced in the postcard she sent to me. What a treat to meet the gal who made one of my favorite mail art postcards, a card that I continue to treasure!

Heading Home
Soon, it was time for me to hit the road to head home, hard though it was to leave the beautiful Presentation Center and the sweet cottage I stayed in...

On the road home, I stopped to photograph an old Victorian home that I saw and photographed last year, but the photos were lost in the "hard drive crash of 2013"*:

I also made time to hang out in my beloved beach town of Ventura, and shopped at nearly all my favorite thrift shops. It felt like I was extending the magic of An Artful Journey as I found lovely items to bring home with me, to be used in various creative projects, later this year or next:

And I eventually returned the adorable rental car I got that took me from the San Fernando Valley all the way to Santa Cruz for the retreat:

And that, Dear Blog Readers, is the end of my travel diary for An Artful Journey 2014...

But it's not the end of my hand-crafted book "Bird in the Hand"!

My Artful Book - "Bird in the Hand"
The book has a total of 24 pages separated into 2 signatures and is constructed with fabric, canvas board for covers, and it includes Stonehenge paper for the pages...

The book also has lovely 'end papers'** sewn from fabric scraps onto muslin, that wrap around the 2 signatures of my book, as well as the book spine made from scraps and lace trims...

Though there are technically 24 pages, both sides of the pages are covered, one way or another, so it really makes a total of 48 artful pages to look at, not to mention a few detail shots included. It is a LOT of pages to look at, so I will be sharing my artful book in a series of blog posts. For now, to whet your appetite for creative goodness, here is a peek at my book, "Bird in the Hand"***:

Be sure to stay tuned for more photos of my book, coming soon!

* - I'm not sure I mentioned it here on the blog, but the hard drive of the computer owned by my dear boyfriend, and used by me to hold my many photos and not a few documents, crashed in the summer time, last year. We are hoping to eventually retrieve the data on the hard drive, but it is low on the list of priorities these days =-(

** - End Papers can be found in virtually every book; one side is glued to the book covers and the other side partially glued to the first blank page of a book

*** - Or maybe it should be called "Bird on a Branch"?!? ;)

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