Thursday, March 27, 2014

Artful Journey Travel Diary - Part 5

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I am back to share the highlight of An Artful Journey - Show and Share! This is the time everyone gathers to show and share what they have created for the past three days of workshops. It is a LOT of fun and excitement!

Be sure to have a cup of tea or coffee and settle in, because this post is a LONG one and BURSTING with creative goodness!

The Last Day of Workshops
On the last day of workshops, which end by 4pm, everyone assembles into the community meeting area to share the amazing work they created. This is always a wonderful time to see what everyone has been cooking up and every year it's ALWAYS AMAZING!

I shot photos of the work created in the jewelry workshop taught by Stephanie Lee and the doll and journal workshop taught by Mindy Lacefield and Danielle Daniel. These workshops generated some really creative stuff! Here is a peek at the fabulous creativity:

Paper Doll Stories with Mindy Lacefield and Danielle Daniel

Vision Quest: Symbols of Passage with Stephanie Lee

I did not photograph the books made in DJ's workshop but DJ posted some wonderful photos of my classmates holding their completed books in this blog post. My book was not exactly finished when DJ shot her photo, but it was getting close to finished. Everyone looks so happy holding their books in DJ's blog post - stop over to check out her blog post!

(And if you look carefully, you will see some of the prints DJ hung to inspire us that were raffled on the last day of classes)

Sadly, I did not get any photos of the work created in Katie Kendrick's workshop and I did not get photos of work made in Albie Smith's workshop but the work created was fantastic as it has always been if you check out these past retreat photos.

Usually, Cindy takes a photo of everyone at the retreat, a 'class photo' of sorts. This year we turned the tables and requested a photo of the instructors, since this was to be the last Artful Journey Retreat and the request was granted!

Everyone clamored to get a shot of all the instructors with Cindy, our hostess with the 'most-est' and for awhile, it was like a crowd of paparazzi! Flash bulbs were flashing and people were crowding to get a shot of these wonderful artful women:

It was a wonderful gathering of sharing, wine and Cindy's famous retreat cookies!

Completing My Book and Some Greeting Cards
I eventually went back to the classroom to complete my book. The actual binding technique was a time-consuming one so I didn't really complete my book until 9:30pm, but here are a few photos of the bound book:

I had also begun to create a few 'greeting cards' using the sewn signature technique DJ taught us. She encouraged us to find different ways to use this technique so I thought I'd try my hand at making some greeting cards. I had a few spare pages to use so I splattered paint on them:

Add some fabric and lace scraps, a little stitching and some unique greeting cards are born:

I'm in process of making a few more of these fun mixed media cards, if you happened to see this Sunday Snippets post, but you can be sure that you will be seeing more of these cards because these are fun to make!

I am still working on photographing my entire book, page by page, but I will be sharing the full book by next week. In the meantime, I've already made a new book using the techniques I learned from DJ Pettitt, though this book is an abbreviated form, using more sewing than painting. Here is a peek at this new book:

There was still some magic to take place on the last day of the retreat, which I'll share next week when I share the pages of my "Bird in the Hand" book, so be sure to stay tuned!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

LOVE the book you created at the retreat but also your own version at the end...fabulous!!