Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Artful Journey Travel Diary - Part 4

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I am back to share more from my time spent in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz at An Artful Journey Retreat, where I learned some wonderful new book making techniques from mixed media artist DJ Pettitt. You can catch up with my travel diary in these blog posts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Special Event - Artist Collaboration Night!
Every year, there is always a fun event night. Last year we enjoyed an evening of art journaling in our specially made journals. The special event for this year's retreat was an artist collaborative painting that featured Mindy Lacefield, Danielle Daniel, Katie Kendricks and Stephanie Lee.

There was a canvas for each artist and everyone was invited to submit something to be used in the paintings: paper ephemera, photos, beads, anything that could be used in a mixed media painting. The participants would paint on the canvas in front of them until the 'barker' called out to move places and they would paint for 10 to 15 minutes until each participant had put their hand onto each canvas being used. It was fun to watch these artists create quickly and in the moment!

Many attendees were shooting photographs while this event was taking place, so it was not easy to get a good photograph - these are the only shots I managed that weren't blurry...

After the painting, there was a raffle for each canvas. I chose to opt out of the raffle because there is still artwork to be hung in the new home and I'm still not sure where all of it will go! Though I was secretly hoping to win something else to hang in my studio, I thought it was best for me to stay out of trouble, generally speaking...

Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win...
I was actually hoping to win a string of prayer flags at this years retreat and there were plenty of flags a'flyin this year! Sadly, I did not manage to get any shots of the prayer flags hanging in the dining hall this year, but trust me - there was almost double the amount of flags that hang in the dining hall, so I thought I had a pretty good chance of winning a string I could hang in my studio window.

Alas! I did NOT win a string of prayer flags, but I did win a special print of artwork from DJ Pettitt's class! She had made several 12" x 12" prints of her bird artwork to inspire us as we constructed our "Bird in the Hand" books. DJ raffled off these prints on the last day of classes and the winners got to choose the print they wanted to take home. Here is the print I won:

Currently taped to the studio door until I can purchase a frame for it...

I thought this print would work with the color scheme I plan to use in the new studio and the message inscribed in the artwork would be a good message for me to read regularly...

 Yes, I think this fellow will be a good mascot for my new studio space!

***   ***   ***

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my time spent in the beautiful mountains at An Artful Journey. In the next installment, I will be sharing some of the wonderful work made by students in the other workshops - there is some FANTASTIC creativity that happened and marvelous art created, so be sure to stay tuned!

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