Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Artful Journey Travel Diary - Part 2

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today, I continue to share the rest of my day on the road traveling to An Artful Journey. You can read the first part of my day on the road in this post to catch up. In today's post, I will share my stop in Los Gatos before checking in at An Artful Journey...

Lovely Downtown Los Gatos
As I mentioned in my previous 'travel diary' entry, I was going to meet two Artful Journey friends I made at the retreat last year: Briana, who was in Albie Smith's paper-making workshop with me, and her friend Karen, who was painting in Jesse Reno's workshop. I was REALLY looking forward to meeting up with these fun ladies to walk around Los Gatos and peruse a few of my favorite shops.

One of my favorite parts of coming to the retreat is shopping in Downtown Los Gatos, which has a charming small town look and feel. There are many lovely little shops and quite a few artful ones that inspire many creative ideas, but my favorite shop is the local hardware store because this particular hardware store ALWAYS has baby chicks for sale!

This year was no exception as there were baby chicks available for sale on display, but this year they were selling so many baby chicks, they had their own 'duplex' to hang out in!

Too much cuteness!!

Since my recent move into a new home with my dear boyfriend, who happens to love gardening, I have been keeping my eyes open for plants or decor for our little patio space. Now that I have my radar set for gardening shops, I discovered this gem of gardening in Los Gatos that I had not seen on my previous trips. It's called Natural Creations. I love their business name since it has 'create' in it!

Here are some wonderful things I found at Natural Creations I would have loved to bring home with me:

Have I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for topiaries?!?

My boyfriend and I are dog lovers who live in a place that doesn't allow pets...but this could be a fun way to have our own dog! ;)

I am fascinated by the mythology of the Green Man, which is how I always think of my dear boyfriend and his talent with plants. This Green Man has a ladybug (my favorite bug!) and a cricket (which is a symbol of luck) and looks quite happy and jolly to be surrounded by these garden protectors. I hope to find this Green Man again so I can bring it home for my dear boyfriend to keep in our little patio space!

A rustic door and wreath - very much my kind of style!

I made a visit to this favorite shop in Downtown Los Gatos and shot a few photos of the artful and creative window displays:

I am also loving vintage bicycles these days - these bookends are AWESOME!

Walking with Briana and Karen, we discovered a gift shop that specialized in orchids:

Pretty soon, it was time to head to the Presentation Center to check in and get settled before dinner. This year, I thought I would try staying in a cottage on the grounds. It was a sweet cottage:

Now, every year, there are wonderful goodies all the participants receive upon check in. Last year everyone got a fabulous art journal made by DJ Pettitt, who would be my instructor for this year's retreat. Here is the journal I chose from last year:

This year, DJ made journals using artwork made by the instructors and the students each got a journal of artwork from their respective instructors. Of course, my journal for this year had DJ's artwork on the cover. It is a FABULOUS journal to look at:

And the journals came with a packet of ephemera goodies:

My favorite item in this packet was a card with a quote about education:

Here is the full quote:

"Think of life as a school for your soul; you are here to learn in perfect well being. Here's a tip for life's pop quizzes: instead of asking why something happened, ask instead 'what can I learn?' For extra credit, ask '...and how may I serve?'
- Jackson Kiddard

'...You are here to learn in perfect well being'...This line really resonated for me because I knew I was in EXACTLY the right place for learning something new and to learn it in 'well being'!

I also knew I was surrounded by many kindred spirits who were at An Artful Journey to learn something new and to learn it in 'well being', so I was DEFINITELY in great company!

And the learning would begin the next morning...

***   ***   ***

Thanks for stopping by to read my 'travel diary' of my trip to An Artful Journey Retreat! I'll continue with my time in DJ Pettitt's workshop "A Bird in the Hand" and how I constructed a wonderful new book, so be sure to stay tuned!


Kathryn Hansen said...

What a great quote!!! I have to look up it's author!!

Will look forward to part 3!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

It was great reading part 2 of the journey. you have a marvelous way with word. looking forward to the next installment.