Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prayer Flags for An Artful Journey

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend with loved ones or making time to do something you love, since it was also a holiday weekend for President's Day.

I spent some wonderful time with my dear boyfriend, having breakfast out, visiting our favorite farmers market and making space for some of our favorite past times. For my dear boyfriend, it's gardening...

Some of the plants that survived the move with some newly planted ones...

 I can't wait to see how these seeds begin to sprout!

For me, it's being creative or finishing creative projects, whatever they might be! This weekend, however, I was completing some prayer flags* to send to An Artful Journey Retreat.

Here are some early peeks at my prayer flags in process:

I've been sharing peeks at some of my flags in progress on my Facebook page which has been a lot of fun! But I want to share the completed pics here with you, dear blog readers.

First, the 'flower flag' completed with some hand embroidery, something I've been wanting to do more of lately, especially after reading this blog post from one of my favorite bloggers and instructor I learned from at Artful Journey 2011:

These cut shapes were some of MANY fabric scraps I found among my grandmothers stash - I'm so glad I could find a way to use these long abandoned scraps!

Then, a 'patchwork flag' I made using some fabric scraps cut by my grandmother for one her many quilting projects:

I'm glad I was able to find a project for these scraps since I'm not much of a quilter, but I was happy to add some hand embroidery, something my grandmother taught me at an early age:

Finally, this 'romantic-styled' flag started with vintage scraps from a scrap-filled jar found at a flea market, scraps that have been used for other book projects I've shared here...

I have mentioned the scrap-filled jar before and it does seem like the scraps are endless! But I am finding ways to use them, whether in a book or a prayer flag, like this one:

 Adding embellishment to the scraps of lace, cheesecloth and torn tea-dyed muslin strips

I began to incorporate my rusty hand embroidery skills as I crafted these prayer flags...

And the hand sewing brought some restful relaxation and meditation...

Now, these flags will go out in the mail so they can hang in the dining hall for all Artful Journey attendees to view and a lucky few will go home with a string of them, as happens each year at the retreat...

A string of prayer flags from last years retreat - I just loved the flag made with ribbon!
There are other things I'm making for the retreat, but I'll share those items in my next post, so be sure to stay tuned for more creative goodness!

Or stop by and like my Facebook page for sneak peeks at my Projects in Process!

* - Curious about prayer flags? Here are some links to get you informed, inspired and started:
Enjoy and get creative!

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