Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Donation for An Artful Journey

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
One week from today I will hit the road to head to An Artful Journey Retreat, held at the Presentation Center located in Santa Cruz.

At previous retreats, there has been an auction to raise funds for the Presentation Center and I have donated some of my handmade goods for these fundraisers. Of course I am donating again this year, and though I am hoping to donate more than one item, there is a special item I'm donating - one of my 'Shabby Scrap' Journals, aka "Remains of the Day" Journal...

Last summer, I shared this photo of this book in progress, which I actually began about two years ago! I got re-inspired to complete this book with some mixed media stitched pages and I FINALLY stitched the signatures in place about two weeks ago.

The colophon for the book will be made as a book marker and I might add a button to the ribbon tie, but other than those little details, I'd say this book is finished! To celebrate, I'm sharing a few peeks at some of the pages of this mixed media art book.

NOTE: many of these images were shot before the signatures were sewn to allow some decent views of the pages before stitching:

I just love how this book turned out and I am happy to donate it for a worthy cause!

Now that this book is finished, I'm even more excited to complete the other journal I began in tandem with this one...of course, I'll share that here on the blog so be sure to stay tuned!

Curious about colophons? Want to learn how to create your own 'shabby scraps' journal? Here are some links to get you informed, inspired and started:

Definition of Colophon on Wikipedia
'Remains of the Day' journal inspiration on Flickr and Pinterest
'Remains of the Day'/Shabby Scraps book tutorial provided by Mary Ann Moss

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Kathryn Hansen said...

Just LOVE that journal!! Your work just keeps getting better and better!!

Have fun at your retreat!!!