Friday, February 14, 2014

A Knitting PiP Completed!

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I just wanted to share one of my knitting projects in process, which is finally completed, with mere inches to spare, no less...

This photo, and the following photos, were shot using my iPad while in the knitting shop; it was night-time when I was working on this project so the lighting is not the best!

I posted this photo last year for Sunday Snippets, but never got around to explaining what was happening with this kerchief project. However, if you look closely at the photo, it should pretty much tell the story:

A limited amount of yarn before I could complete the kerchief with the other kerchief tie to be knitted!

I have come close to running out of yarn on this kerchief pattern before, but there were a few yards of yarn left over when that kerchief was completed.

Here is how I managed to finish my kerchief with mere inches to spare:

I knew there was a possibility I would not have enough yarn to knit two kerchief ties, so I thought of a way to finish knitting the kerchief that would allow me to still 'tie' the kerchief to stay on my head.

I thought of making an eyelet hole for the one tie I had, for the tie to pass through so I could secure the kerchief to my head with a little knot. I had just enough yarn to do this, and there were only 5 inches of yarn left when I finished knitting:

Knitted to the end with just 5 inches of yarn left!

 An eyelet hole big enough to pass my kerchief tie through...

My kerchief tie is now knotted so it will stay on my head as I go about my day...

Me, being silly as I model my newly finished head kerchief!

I crack myself up! ;)

I hope you are enjoying a fun-filled Valentine's Day today, no matter if you are partnered or not!

Pucca - my favorite animation character!


Eddie Bluelights said...

Wish I could knit!!!
Do you think one of those Head Kerchiefs would suit me?

Long time, no see!
Hope all is well
Did you read the story?

Speak soon

Kathryn Hansen said...

that's very cool...and looks SO cute on you...even if you are making silly faces!! ;)