Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flea Market Finds and Thoughts on Buying Supplies Again...

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
Today, I'm excited to share a few flea market finds I picked up from my trip to the Topanga Vintage Market on Sunday...

Just a few little things to perk up my creative juices...

This is the second flea market trip I've made this month since my dear boyfriend and I went to the Pasadena City College Flea Market on the first weekend of the new year, where I did NOT buy any supplies of any kind, though my year long challenge to buy No New Art Supplies was officially over...and I certainly remembered my challenge was over while perusing the aisles at the Topanga Vintage Market!

First, was this sweet floral dessert plate I found for only $1:

I knew I still had a glass candle stick I could use to turn this plate into a sweet little cupcake or candy holder...

Add some glue and a cupcake plate is born, like these I've made and shared here...

Then I found this plastic doily for a mere fifty cents:

I actually have a plastic doily just like this that I have used as a stencil, but this new one is bigger and it will be fun to layer them together in some collage/mixed media projects...when I get my first stencil unpacked that is!

Just before we headed out, my dear boyfriend started going back through aisles we had already walked through and just when I was about to remark on 'going around in circles', I found some great scraps of fabric that I'm pretty sure are vintage, purchased for just $2:

I saw the yellow floral first, then the gingham. The floral is only 36 inches wide, which tells me it's a vintage piece and the gingham is a wonderful contrast fabric that can be made into bias trim - my plan is to make an apron with these two fabrics!

***   ***   ***

Before making this trip to the flea market, I was pretty clear with myself that I just wanted to walk among vintage goods to get inspired and perk up my creative juices, which have been pushed to the back burner with all the moving and unpacking that I've been doing. I've been torn between unpacking and organizing the new studio space and making time for creative projects. I have not been very creative, in the ways I need to be, and I've been feeling it in my moods lately.

Though I spent a LOT of time cleaning and clearing in my home, this move has made me see that I really have an OVER abundance of supplies to work with, despite regularly culling and giving away much of it through the years. So, of course, I was reluctant to bring home yet MORE supplies...but I did keep the supplies I brought to the new home to a minimum and they HAVE helped to spark my creative juices...now if I could just find a place for my sewing machine so I can start sewing an apron!

As for my buy No New Art Supplies Challenge, which included many other types of supplies, I plan to unofficially continue with it, until I can actually start whittling down my current stash of supplies, which for me means working with what I have and getting around to the craft/book-making/clothing projects I've been planning on creating for some time now, like more aprons:

Some aprons I cut just before the move, in the hopes of working through my fabric stash so I wouldn't have to lug it with me! =\

I know I will be much more mindful about supplies I buy in the future, especially after this move and all the downsizing I still need to do.

I'll keep you posted about my progress in working through all my supplies so be sure to stay tuned!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

maybe because my favorite color is yellow...but i just love those fabrics...i could definitely see an apron using them!!