Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feeling Lost and Adrift...

Not all those who wander are lost - J. R. R. Tolkien

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I going to cut to the chase and say it:

I have been feeling lost and adrift since moving

As much as I love living with my dear boyfriend in our lovely new home, which is in a MUCH nicer neighborhood than the one I lived in, I have to admit that there are days I miss my humble little abode...

As I began to pack up my old home, I came to the realization that I was going to have to attempt the impossible:

Move my entire 'studio space' into one room

You see, my entire home was actually my studio!

My sewing space and all fabrics and trims were in the spare bedroom:

 My messy sewing table with threads, bobbins and sewing tools stored in the wood organizer

The closet packed with fabrics, trims and clothing projects in progress

More fabrics, stuffing and patterns stored under the 'cutting table'

My collage and painting station was in the dining area:

Many books were also assembled on this table!

My art and bookmaking supplies were in the living room, along with my knitting supplies:

Art and collage supplies, paper punches and books waiting to be altered...

Rubber stamps on display where the scrapbook papers are stored - a large file cabinet that is FILLED to the brim

Knitting needles, tools and patterns were stored in the cabinet for easy access when knitting in the evenings

And my books were everywhere:

Shelves of reading books alongside many craft books...

Another shelving unit with lots of craft books and a few more art supplies!

Trying to pack all of these supplies into one room has been a challenge, to say the least:

All my crafty goods are in this room, hoping to find a home and eventually be made into something...

Another reason I think I've been feeling adrift is the fact that I've been unable to sit down long enough to sit with my Word of the Year (MONEY) and start writing about it...as well as taking time to reflect on the previous year, what worked, what didn't and the accomplishments I made.

I do make a little time here and there to sort out my studio space when I can. Luckily, I recently came across this item during some unpacking:

My Accomplishment Jar - it will be good to open it and see what accomplishments were made in 2013

My Scrap-O-Dex was also in the same box. I don't have a place to display it yet, as I did in my old home, but knowing where my cards are to make a little bit of art is comforting...

***   ***   ***

Yes, there is much to do to organize the new home for me and my dear boyfriend, as well as finding time to sort out the new studio space. I know it will eventually get done, but I do wish I could get it done faster!

And I also know that feeling lost and adrift is temporary, that I will eventually find my way back to creating artful goodies and binding artful books...

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring -
J. R. R. Tolkien

PS: for those of you in the Los Angeles area, my first workshop for Los Angeles Valley College Community Services Department is this Saturday and it's going to be a fun class! Register and sign-up with this link: Mail Art Postcard


Kathryn Hansen said...

moving is a huge deal, you have to give yourself time to adjust!! it'll eventually all work itself out and you'll end up super organized!! but it's good to feel your feelings too!!

The Creative Beast said...

Thanks for the reminder to feel my feelings Kathryn! And the reminder that moving might take longer to adjust to than I realized, especially after living in my humble abode fore over 20 years!