Thursday, January 30, 2014

Creative Inspiration - Book Making...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I just had to share some creative inspiration I recently discovered - this fun YouTube video on making books from cereal boxes!

I've been saving cereal boxes for some time now, mostly for book making projects and the occasional Inspiration Card Deck Swap, but I actually got rid of many of them before the move! I'm glad I didn't get rid of ALL of them, especially after I watched the video. I was so excited I played the video again and began the first part of the process! Here is a peek at the start of some books I'm making from a cracker box:

I was particularly excited about learning how to use the tab from the top of the box as part of the book closure! I just love learning something new...

Now that I've got the base started, I'll be thinking about what to fill the books with and whether or not I'll cover them with collage - be sure to stay tuned for more peeks!