Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Been Quite A Year...

Hello and Happy New Year Dear Blog Readers!
It's been a few weeks since I last posted here and what a crazy time it's been, what with moving and trying to unpack two homes into one, and most of this being done during the holiday season! Though my life has been crazy lately, I couldn't let the end of the year pass by without writing a few words here on the blog...

There is still much to do with my new studio space, but I thought some of you might like a peek at the unpacking progress I've made:

You can actually see the floor in this image - HOORAY!

My dear boyfriend and I still have a LOT of unpacking ahead of us as the new year looms, but we managed to unpack his little Christmas tree and it was decorated by Christmas Eve, so we certainly weren't lacking in holiday spirit in our new home!

Life has been so hectic this month, I'm behind on my year-end journaling to close out the old year and to look ahead to the new year on the horizon. Luckily, I carved out a little time to join an online workshop to create an exploding box 'year-in-review' hosted by Jen Lee, author of "The Right Brain Business Plan"!* Joining the workshop spurred me to unpack my art supplies and I was able to unpack enough of them to create my box...

My exploding box in progress - I'm looking forward to adding my accomplishments of 2013 in it!

My own art books and Word of the Year journal have been in temporary storage, so I didn't have any of my writings to review what I had written for 2013. However, Jen Lee had some great prompts to work with and I had the opportunity to look back on this blog to see what some of my accomplishments for the year had been...

I sure am glad to have this blog and I sure am glad you are here to read my adventures, accomplishments and challenges!

Now, I won't go into details today, but looking back, I DID have quite a few accomplishments, even though this year felt like I had more challenges than I had accomplishments.

Looking forward, I've been considering what my Word of the Year should be for 2014 and this word has been on my mind A LOT:


For 2013, my Word of the Year was Creative Work, but the year really feels as though its been more HARD WORK than creative work and it seems to me that MONEY should follow after so much hard work!

I am aware that the word MONEY is a loaded one and I'm aware that using this word to guide me in 2014 will provide more than a fair share of challenges but, after the year I've had, I believe I'm ready to face those challenges!

Here are a few mindsets, behaviors and beliefs that need to be busted in 2014:
  • I believe it is time for me to face my money issues and money fears and LEARN HOW TO ACCEPT FINANCIAL WEALTH into my life. For most of my life I've seen myself as 'the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks' and that view has been the basis for my lifestyle of flea market and thrift store goods, buying things on sale and feeling that I could never have 'the best', whether I deserved it or not...
  • I believe it is time for me to CREATE A POSITIVE AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP TO MONEY and how it can be used for good things in life, not just for me but for those around me.
  • I believe it is time for me to STEP INTO MY OWN EARNING POWER, instead of relying on the employment provided by companies (which really hasn't worked out very well these past few years!)
  • I believe it is time for me to RETURN TO SAVING MONEY, not because I 'should' but because it's a good practice that can benefit everyone.
  • I believe it is time for me to learn that FINANCIAL WEALTH CAN BE A POSITIVE FORCE in my life, that it can ENHANCE MY LIFE and provide a means to SUPPORT ME AND THE WORK I DO.
  • I believe it is time for me to learn that having MONEY will NOT make me a mean or terrible person, contrary to this eye-opening TED TALK (It does end on a positive note!)

Yes, it looks like I have my 'work' cut out for me using MONEY as my guide in 2014, but I know that I will come out on the other side wiser about myself, which is something I always strive for...

I will certainly share my journey with MONEY here on the blog and I hope you'll check in to read my adventures in creating a better relationship with MONEY and I hope you'll find my sharing helpful to YOU in your own life.

Of course, I will also share my creative projects, as I always do, in addition to my workshop ideas and places I'll be teaching, here on the blog. 

I often share my news on my Facebook page or in my monthly newsletter. So stop by my Facebook page and say hello, or, if you'd like to sign up to my newsletter, just email me at:


I often add little tidbits in the newsletter that I don't always share on my blog and my newsletter is sent only once a month so you won't be flooded with emails, I promise!

I hope you are looking forward to an exciting new year in 2014 and I hope you'll continue being CREATIVE in the new year...

A Happy New Year to you all filled with much Love, Luck, Health and Happiness in 2014!

*- NOTE: I do not receive any compensation for promoting the work of Jen Lee - I simply admire the work she does and feel it enhances my life and I like sharing things that I think could enhance YOUR life! =-)

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Kathryn Hansen said...

I'm sorta on the same wave length as you Monica...my word is allow...and by that I mean allowing more financial abundance into my reality and for it to stick as well. I have a relationship with money of it going out as soon as I receive it! I'm doing gratitudes and working at keeping my resonance high. But it will be fun to see what you're up to regarding it!!