Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Here are a few thoughts swimming in my head this week:

Why do you ALWAYS find a use for that very thing you clean out of your home AFTER ITS GONE?!?
I've been cleaning out my book collection and I thought I was doing well, but now I'm wondering: 

How did I manage to collect SO MANY craft books??

Why don't people throw more costume parties, instead of waiting for Halloween to dress up?

Thank goodness for the Renaissance Faire! I get to dress up twice a year...

I occasionally watch movies about artists, but when I do, all I can think of is this:

Why is EVERY artist's story I watch seem to be riddled with drugs and self-destruction?!?

Not all artists are like that and I think now is the time for movies to reflect more uplifting artist stories...

I am a HUGE fan of books, but I have begun to purchase e-books as a way to save space and storage, but I do wonder:

Will e-books ever REALLY replace the feeling you get from handling a traditional, traditionally bound book??

Is it really necessary to begin advertising Christmas before Halloween arrives??

I think we ALL know when Christmas is ;)

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