Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
It's been another interesting week with a few interesting thoughts popping into my head. Here are just a few of those thoughts...

I briefly mentioned, in this post, that I am now working a part-time job to bring in some much needed money. Since this job is part-time, I do not intend to write much about it, but I will say that it is work with a non-profit arts organization, which is in alignment with my value of ART.

Now, I have dealt with small arts-related non-profits for many years, not to mention my last office job was with a social service non-profit and a fairly large one at that. However, I always wonder the same thing:

WHY do they have to be called NON-profit?

I have problems with this label of NON-profit... and they lead to many thoughts:

WHY isn't it okay to generate a healthy profit for a worthy cause?

 WHY can't a non-profit be allowed to pay a competitive rate for talented, skilled workers?

WHY isn't it okay to earn a GREAT living doing GREAT work that does GREAT things for the world?

Now this last question does open up some big questions:

If we actually find cures for severe illnesses, or solve the problems of homelessness and poverty, would this mean a loss of jobs?

If so, is that really so bad, considering the gains??

And finally...
WHY does the label 'non-profit' almost always lead to 'scarcity mentality' with those involved in a non-profit?

The trouble with this label is best laid out with this amazing TED Talk by Dan Pellotta. Please take some time to view this amazing talk and Dan's eye-opening history about 'charities':

Now, my final thought is this...

Do you agree that we need to re-frame how we think about 'non-profit' organizations??

Please share your thoughts about this topic - I'd love to hear what you think!

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