Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!

Here are some thoughts I've had this week, that I'd like to share with you:

Last week, I shared a costume idea for a character I want to dress as for Halloween, and some readers suggested using dye or paint on fabric for my bunny-ear hood that makes up part of the costume. I LOVE that you readers are trying to help me stay true to my Buy No New Art Supplies Challenge! Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions, but my thought has been this:

Wouldn't the purchase of dye, which would work better than painting fabric, still be buying supplies??!?

And a related thought is this:

I really shouldn't have gotten rid of that hot pink canvas fabric during a cleaning fit last year

Today I am in Ventura, one of my favorite places to be, at the Seaside Scottish Games. I mentioned one of my favorite things at this festival is watching the bagpipe band parade, which got me thinking:

Why aren't there more bagpipe parades in cities EVERYWHERE??!?!

I shot this snippet of the parade back in's just a little taste of a great parade!

A musically related thought is this:

We should listen to a little bit of Louis every day...
to bring a little bit of joy into our day:

This video may be long, but it is worth playing, I assure you!

Another musically related thought is this:

Why isn't Claude Debussy's Claire De Lune played in places that cause anxiety, like the dentists office? It is beautifully relaxing...

Beautiful, restful and relaxing visuals for beautiful, restful, relaxing music...

With that, my final* thought is this:

What music do you listen to to bring JOY into your life?

* - As I put this post together, I had another thought:
Will I ever be able to create a blog post WITHOUT visuals?? ;) 

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