Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blogtoberfest 2013 - Six/Seven Thoughts on Saturday

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today is the 5th day of Blogtoberfest, yet today's prompt from Michelle asks for 6 or 7 thoughts. Here are some thoughts I've had this week:

This week, I watched the movie "You've Got Mail*" and heard this song by Harry Nilsson. I happen to own one of his albums, which I've enjoyed since my adolescence, but this particular song is not on that album. My thought was this:

Why don't more people use his music for movies?

I mentioned in my first Blogtoberfest post that I have suffered depression in my life, often due to environment, such as a bad workplace. I found a way to use art and book making to cope with my depression and isolation at that workplace and my thought was this:

How can I help others who are suffering in a bad workplace to use the techniques I used to cope, so they can learn to feel empowered as they create a highly individual, creatively expressive and artful book?

A page from my Office Art Book - photo shot by me in the work neighborhood, paired with text that accurately described my bad work environment

I'm beginning to think about the upcoming holiday season and I think I need to have this song to play for New Years Eve...

One of the loveliest versions I've ever heard of this classic written by Robert Burns...

And for Halloween, I want to be this animation character, but I need to make the dress (which I have fabric to make) and I need to make the hat, which I have no fabric for...

Louise Belcher of the animated show Bob's Burgers - this character cracks me UP!!!

My thought has been this:

How can I make the pink bunny ear hat without buying fabric, which would end my Buy No New Supplies Challenge??

I had a great creative workshop last Sunday and a student requested a private session to do one of my other workshops she missed. My thought has been this:

How can I get more private workshop sessions with people who would like to learn extraordinary self-expression through creative and artful projects?

Sheet of collage paper made from various scraps - it cut to make a paper banner...

And finally:
I've been doing a LOT of cleaning and clearing in my home and all I can think of is this:

An area of my living room - it is looking better since this shot, but there is still work to do...

How did I ever get into such a mess??!?! ;)

I'm also thinking that if I got myself into this mess, I can certainly get myself out of it, though it might take longer to get out than it took to get in! =\

* - I have to say, watching the movie triggered my Home Decor button. Meg Ryan's apartment had an adorable style of home decor that inspired me to continue with my cleaning and clearing! ;)


Jan said...

I love your thoughts and how they start with a HOW? or a WHY? All very pro-active and dynamic. The book is a great idea. There are so many people in that position.
Have you any pink dye or could you mix some dye to create the pink bunny ears?
We are decorating and cleaning here too. I can't wait for my new office/art room to be completed so my thought for today is....I'd better get off my butt again today and do something to move it forward.

Janet said...

Ha! I didn't even realize Michelle was doing prompts! I guess I need to pay better attention, huh? Could you paint fabric for your bunny ears?