Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Wish I Had A Cleaning Lady...

Do YOU wish you had a cleaning lady??  I've harbored a dream to have a cleaning lady for YEARS, but my place is such a mess right now, I'm not sure a cleaning lady would know where to begin...after all, if I'M not sure where to begin, how can I expect a cleaning lady to know where to begin??

I'm going to be daring and share with you the true state of my home at this point in time - it's pretty cluttered:

These pictures are of my living/dining area. The sewing room is another matter, which I will share another day...

This clutter is why I chose to to give myself the challenge to buy No New Art Supplies this year. I have SO MUCH in paper supplies and embellishment items, I have been unable to store them in an orderly way...and I have a feeling that working on multiple projects is not helping me stay organized, either.

In many ways, I feel embarrassed to share these pictures of my home. I've often believed that other women are able to keep a clean home, but I can't seem to. It feels like I'm missing the "clean house" gene!

But sometimes, I think that many busy women are not always able to keep a clean and tidy home at all times, I just can't see it because no one is sharing that.

And sometimes I think my clutter is a reaction to my family history - my grandmother maintained such a clean home, it could have been a layout for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, to the point that it was not a cozy welcoming home.

But then this wonderful message came to me from my dear Wise Woman recently, in response to a request for a testimonial of my workshop teaching:

I love going to her apartment because it is a work of art as well. The creativity she puts into each part of her place is so much fun. It is full of found objects which find a happy home as  decorative items with profound stories to tell . It's truly a work in progress - not static; not "keep your hands off".

Then I think of a quote from an artist friend:

"I can't help it if a woman and an ARTIST live in the same space!!"

I often feel pulled to keep a clean home because of the old "what will people think" mentality, but it's not always easy when I use nearly every room in my home as a creative studio.

And I want to have a cozy environment that is inviting for people to be in, not a "keep your hands off" home, like my grandmother had, because that kind of home is not a loving home...

Once again, I am on a quest to clean up my cluttered home, in the hopes that cleaning out the clutter will make room for good things to come into my life. Wish me luck!!

Do YOU wish you had a cleaning lady? What would you do with the time you spend cleaning if someone else was cleaning for you?  I'd love to hear your 'cleaning lady' dreams!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

i wish i had a maid, chauffeur, gardener, personal assistant, and rich husband!!! ;)