Thursday, August 15, 2013

My "Scrapodex" Project

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today, I am excited to share a project I have been wanting to do for over a year, one that was inspired by one of my fellow art journal buddies from Orly Avineri's art journal workshops...

Brian's Rolodex Art Cards
I met Brian, blogger at A Paper Bear, while taking Orly's art journal workshops. I love Brian's style of art making - it is visually rich and highly textured...

At one of the workshops, he invited some of us to make some Rolodex cards for his vintage Rolodex card holder, which was an idea he saw at this blog. I was excited to be invited to play along and I made a few art cards for his collection...then I immediately began searching for a vintage Rolodex holder of my own!

I passed along this search to a friends husband, who does a LOT of thrift shopping and flea marketing, more often than I do, if you can believe it! About a month ago, he sent me a message with a photo letting me know he found a vintage Rolodex card holder...for a mere $2!!!

My very own vintage Rolodex business card holder, now my ScrapOdex Project of artful cards!

I couldn't tell from the photo that was sent, just what size this Rolodex card holder was. When visiting with my friend, she gave me the card holder and I realized it was the large business card size - 3" x 5", considerably bigger than the cards I worked with for Brian's project...

During my own search for a vintage Rolodex card holder, I found and bought a batch of blank cards - smaller cards which don't fit into my new holder...

However, the bigger cards means there is more room for more art to be made on them!!

My "ScrapOdex" Art Card Project
Now that I own a vintage Rolodex card holder, I have been inviting some of my art buddies to make a few artful cards for my very own "Scrapodex" art card project and many of them are playing along!

What I've been doing is this: I mail them a card or two, along with some artful envelopes as a gift for participating, and a self addressed, stamped mail art envelope so they can mail back the art cards easily:

Cards to make art on and mail art envelopes - a fun packet to get for making art cards, don't you think?!

When they mail back the art cards, I will send along a mail art postcard as a gift of thanks for playing along!

Some mail art postcards I've made and sold or sent...

I also found some great ScrapOdex groups and boards on Pinterest, (which I recently joined) chock full of art card inspiration! I now have a board of ScrapOdex card ideas to work with, when I have some time to make my own 'ScrapOdex' cards...

...But if YOU would like to make some ScrapOdex cards for my collection, contact me! I'd love to receive some special mail art made by YOU!

However, if you are overseas, I won't be able send you a STAMPED envelope for return mailing since I don't have a way to buy foreign postage here in the US, but you will still receive some mail art envelopes and a mail art postcard upon completion!

Other Projects in Process
The reason I have not yet made any cards for my own 'ScrapOdex' project is because I have been in the midst of making some file folder pocket books, not to mention working on TWO journals based on the Mary Ann Moss online workshop "Remains of the Day Shabby Scraps Journal" and both of them are just about ready to have the signatures bound into the spine of my journal covers, which you can see HERE and HERE. I hope to share that with you all VERY soon, so be sure to stay tuned!!

And enjoy a creatively fulfilling weekend! 

PS: One of my favorite book binding authors, Jeannine Stein, linked to my file folder books on her blog! She creates some creatively fantastic books and hosts workshops around town. I hope to meet her one day =-)

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Kathryn Hansen said...

I'm almost done with one art card Monica...and at the beginning of the other one!!